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TomorrowToday Newsletter by Graeme Codrington


For this reason, when we talk about the 'Future' at TomorrowToday, what we often are actually talking about are things that are happening now, somewhere else, that could impact your business and your life much, much sooner than you think. In this week's newsletter we focus on a few of them by looking at some projects TomorrowToday are working on, as well as a few great articles we hope you will enjoy.

Retail continues to innovate
Our Strategic Insights team is busy finalising our "Tomorrow's Retail" report, which will be available in the next few weeks. New content keeps flooding in, making it difficult to know where to stop!

Items that have caught our eye this week include Topshop, which continues to innovate and managed to attract an incredible 2m viewers from over 100 countries to tune in live to its London Fashion Week show. And what was really clever was how it utilised Facebook to do it. Viewers could take a picture of the catwalk action at any point and post it to Facebook, encouraging friends to join in and watch too. Viewers could also buy any of the clothes on show as they watched – leading some items to be sold out within an hour.

Somewhere near the other end of the affordability spectrum, Burberry's amazing new flagship store on London's Regent Street, which aims to bring online and offline worlds together. The store has been modeled on the structure of the website and has some cool experiential innovations including interactive mirrors, virtual rain-showers and screens displaying catwalk shows in real-time. See a short video here. CEO Angela Ahrendts also announced last week that the company is "going the way of Minority report" by embedding mobile across all its store, marketing and sales activity – the future really is here!

Engaging Generation Y - the new challenge
The next project up for Strategic Insights is a partnership with Ochre House, reporting on where Employee Engagement is headed. It seems amazing, but many businesses still don't understand the positive impact engagement can have on their bottom line. For example, various recent studies have found:

- that the most engaged companies have 5 times higher total shareholder return over 5 years than the least engaged companies (Kenexa)
- that companies with high levels of engagement outperform the stock market index and post shareholder returns 22% higher than average. (Aon Hewitt)

Yet Gallup still reports that 71% of employees are disengaged.

And it's going to become even more important as Generation Y enter the workforce and climb the corporate ladders. They will want to develop a breadth of experience greater than any generation before them and have an entrepreneurial streak that they can easily indulge in the new world of low-cost start ups. Businesses are going to have to work very hard to keep them.

We'll be looking at cutting edge ideas and case studies that you can use to help your business strategy for engagement – watch this space and our blog for updates.

Why Apple introduced Maps
Apple's latest phone and operating software have been launched: generally to much acclaim. But their shift away from Google maps to their own map software has seemingly been a misstep. Or has it?

Dr Graeme Codrington looks beyond the techie talk and asks why Apple have done this. The answer might surprise you. And he has an important question for your business too: it's about one of the biggest opportunities your business faces in the next few years and whether you're ready for it. Read it here

How Augmented Reality will change the way we live

Incredible developments are afoot in the field of Augmented Reality that will impact the way we live sooner that you might think. Minority Report crops up for the second time in this newsletter, this time as part of a comprehensive article from TNW Insider, with lots of videos and examples to impress your colleagues and friends – well worth a read!


Bill Clinton's 5 good reasons to be optimistic
Yes, the world is changing fast and that can be unnerving. And yes, the media exposes us to a pervasive diet of bad news. But looking at the bigger picture, Bill Clinton writes for Time Magazine on why he thinks the world is becoming a better place. And we agree! Read the article here.