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Latest News from Beau Lotto by Beau Lotto


Lottolab finished its two-year residency in May 2012 at the world's best known Science Museum (in London), where we created new paradigms and programmes for engaging small and large audiences with new ways of thinking about science, art and culture. Among other results were two BBC 2 Horizon programmes, two programmes with National Geographic Channel (the second to be filmed in New York in September 2012), the world's first science paper authored by primary school children, which itself resulted in a freely-accessible science education curriculum predicated on creating real science through play.

On September 1st 2012, Lottolab will team up with one of London's most innovative Branding Consultancy companies called Purpose LTD. We will be resident in Purpose's studio where we are initiating a campaign and associated Ltd company called 'Beautiful Mind'. Together we are creating workshops, experiences and products that foster transformations in perceptions that are essential to both personal and organisational well-being. This new collaboration is already creating tremendous waves in the marketing, branding and creative industries, as it is truly a world's-first, which promises new ways of thinking about personal and corporate branding.

In Spring 2013 Lottolab will be creating The Experiment in San Francisco with the Peter Baumann Foundation and other investors from Silicon Valley. The Experiment will be a pop-up laboratory space that truly explores what it means to 'be human' in highly controlled but wholly creative environment that is a night-club, cabaret and laboratory. The result will be a truly unique experience that blurs the boundaries between science, art and culture, with the aim of shining new light onto human nature.