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Stephane Garelli: Business as UN-usual

A Competitiveness Outlook for 2010, and Beyond.

Stéphane Garelli

Professor at IMD, and Professor at the University of Lausanne,

Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center, Switzerland

As we emergealt from the “Great Recession”, we enter into a world business environment, which is profoundly different to anything that we have experienced before. The financial crisis is over but we now have to pay the price for it. Economic recovery is on its way but it is as yet unclear how strong it will be and whether every nation will benefit from it in the same way. The social crisis is now unfolding with disquieting unemployment rates, and destabilizing consequences for societies.

How can enterprises remain competitive in such a brave new world? Will governments retain their power over the economy? What are the new rules of the game? Which markets will emerge as the winners? Where will the money be? What can companies do to thrive at the next level of competitiveness? What management competencies and personal skills will ensure tomorrow’s success?

In the end, we are not only undergoing a crisis in economic growth but a crisis at the very heart of the economic system. What are the opportunities?

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