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Fons Trompenaars one of the top 50 management thinkers worldwide

Ranking is a result of increasing need for knowledge of intercultural management

During the bi-annual ceremony of Thinkers50 in London Fons Trompenaars, academic, consultant and author, has been ranked as one of the current most influential management thinkers worldwide. Among previous recipients of these 'Oscars of management' were Michael Porter, Henry Mintzberg, Jim Collins and Malcolm Gladwell. The fact that business is getting more and more global makes it imperative to address the issue of managing cultural differences. Trompenaars' vision and expertise in this area, therefore, makes him a logical contender for this list.

Since 2001 every two years the British authors Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer compile a list of management thinkers that excel internationally through the uniqueness, strength and accessibility of their body of work.

Reconciling cultural and business dilemmas creates value for companies

Since 1997 Fons Trompenaars is one of the foremost thinkers about connecting different cultures in business. He has sold over 0.5 million books in more than 10 languages, such as the bestseller Riding the waves of culture (3rd ed. 2012) that advocates dilemma-thinking as crucial when taking decisions in an intercultural context. Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (also named after his regular co-author Charles Hampden-Turner) has offices in Amsterdam and Singapore and operates the world's largest database in the field of intercultural management. Based on this data he recently introduced the new Culture for Business App at the speakers event TEDxAmsterdam. Through this App people will better understand the origins of different cultures and receive tips on how to do business in countries other than their own. The latest book, with Charles Hampden-Turner and dr. Piet Hein Coebergh as co-authors, will be published in April 2014. In this book the 100 most important management theories will be connected through dilemma-thinking.

Profitability through sustainability
"It is a great honor to be part of this select group of people, but having been selected is not a complete surprise." It is very clear that the interest in and importance of intercultural management is growing. "More and more organizations need to innovate by combining the best of diverse cultures. However, looking at group photos of the boards of multinationals, it is apparent that this is not easy! The really big thing for leaders is not to think in terms of 'either-or' nor to think in 'and-and', but in 'through-through'. It is not either profit or sustainability, but both. It is not a sustainability department as well as a financial department, both working independently. It is being more profitable through acting sustainably. International performance through being the best locally. Being innovative through not just employing engineers from the same university only. Success is created through continuously and harmoniously reconciling the organization's business and cultural dilemmas rather than obsessively following the hype of the year!"