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By Jack Milner Communicating effectively and possessing good public speaking skills has never been so important. Today, being dull but worthy is no longer an option. TED talks, YouTube and MTV have changed all that. We judge leaders not by their track record but by the delivery and content of their presentation. People aren’t prepared to sit down and watch corporate bland wash any longer. I...Read More

9 ways the workplace will be different in 2050

 David Price OBE gives his insights into how the workplace will be different in 2050. Click here to read the article...Read More

Alleviate waiting customers' frustrations and learn how to handle oversubscription by Phil Hesketh

If something is worth having, it's worth waiting for. Everything comes to he who waits. Better late than never. True or False? Imagine your pizza is delivered at midnight instead of the expected time of 8pm. It’s not better late than never, is it? Often we want what we want now or we don’t want it at all. Gratification has to be instant, not in a minute. We all hate queuing at the ...Read More

Why you need to dream BIG by Nicklas Bergman

Read Nicklas's article in Technia Magazine by clicking here...Read More

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Wise Words with Sahar Hashemi

Finding success in a crowded market is a tall order. Sahar Hashemi – the co-founder of the hugely successful chain Coffee Republic as well as her own venture, Skinny Candy – has done so twice. Having developed Coffee Republic into a major high street brand with a GBP 30 million turnover, Sahar established Skinny Candy in 2005 to fill a gap in the British confectionery market, with the brand making...Read More


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