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Fredrik Haren – Why you need a global keynote speaker

As a global Keynote Speaker, Fredrik Haren answers why you need a different kind of speaker when you organise an international conference. Building a Truly Global Company is not about “Think Global. Act Local” - it’s about “Think Human, Act Humane.   I once attended a speaker conference where an Ame...Read More

David Miliband on Trump’s immigration ban

Miliband now resides in New York, where he heads up the International Rescue Committee, one of the non-profit humanitarian organisation, which provides relief for refugees and victims on armed conflict around the world.   In his interview with the Guardian, Miliband described Trump’s decision as a “test” for western countries to maintain its values of freed...Read More

The Trump Leadership Rating: 1st Week – 35/100

by Chris Roebuck As a Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership since Donald Trump's inauguration I have been frequently asked how he is doing from a leadership perspective. Here are my thoughts. My judgment is not made from a political standpoint but from a purely leadership perspective based on his actions and how they effect the successful implementation of his vision. As with any ...Read More

Forget Trump’s “First 100 Days”—think about the next generation

Written by Parag Khanna and published in Quartz President Trump has taken over the Oval Office and signed a raft of executive orders to make good on his various “First 100 Days” campaign promises: pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, freezing federal hiring, rolling back Obamacare, curbing environmental regulations, and more. But like most th...Read More

I know why people can turn down free money

The ‘Ultimatum Game’ is loved in equal measure by both psychologists and economists alike because it says much about human behaviour and our approach to money.   The ‘Ultimatum Game’ is played between two people who have to decide how to split an amount of money. One is randomly chosen to make an offer, and if this is accepted by the other, they each get their a...Read More

Delivering an Impromptu Speech

by Jack Milner I was having lunch with my very lovely and remarkable mentor (and remarkable not just because he’s happy to be my mentor). I asked him for feedback on some ideas I have for a book. “The world doesn’t need another book on presenting,” he said. “However, one on impromptu speeches, now that is something I (as a former chief executive and chairman) woul...Read More

Chaos, our new environment - an interview with Bruno Marion

The LEAP laboratory conducted an interview with the writer Bruno Marion about his latest book, « Chaos, a User’s Guide ». In what context have you written this book? Humanity is currently experiencing an absolutely incredible transition because of its size and speed. It is high time we design tools to help us to better understand and act in this world, which I perso...Read More


PRIME MINISTER MAY’S SPEECH.....IMPLICATIONS FOR IRELAND AND THE EU  Once Theresa May said she was insisting on immigration controls, on rejecting the jurisdiction of the ECJ, and on making trade deals with non EU countries, a hard Brexit, along the lines of her speech yesterday, became inevitable. That said, her statement that she wants the European Union to be strong and succ...Read More

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