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Sir Peter Westmacott: Trump’s ‘empathy’ with strongmen

Sir Peter Westmacott: “a lot of the strongmen … of the Arab world, are feeling quite comfortable at the moment.”  Former British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott, recently gave an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN. In the interview, Westmacott discussed the Trump administration potentially flipping re...Read More

Turbulent Times… You’ve Got To Laugh

by Tim Reid Brexit, Trump, years of uncertainty… ah you’ve got to laugh. Ideally, big, sincere, belly laughs. Turbulent times throw up serious challenges and big opportunities. And that means the need to think differently, and have big, bold ideas, whether that’s new ways of working, new products or services, or new cut-through communications ideas. So the importance of crea...Read More

How to Achieve Business Success by Improving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has received recognition for being the most important aspect in business success. CEOs, senior executives, and managers alike agree that highly engaged workforce directly contributes to the improvement of work efficiency, productivity, and overall prosperity of a business flow. However, different employees define engagement in different ways and managers have difficulties in...Read More

Exclusive interview with ‘the Futurenauts’

  Renowned Futurologist Mark Stevenson, author of ‘We do Things Differently’ and Futerra’s Co-Founder Ed Gillespie, author of ‘Only Planet – a flightfree adventure around the world’, created ‘the Futurenauts’.   They will provoke, inspire and advise the world on the main issues we face, such as en...Read More

Sir Peter Westmacott on President Trump’s wiretapping remarks

  Sir Peter Westmacott, former British Ambassador to the United States, recently wrote for the Guardian, addressing President Trump’s allegations that Barack Obama tapped his phones during the presidential election campaign. The president’s spokesman, Sean Spicer has attempted to diffuse the severity of the allegations by suggesting that t...Read More

The truth about myths

By Phil Hesketh According to a report in The Geneva Tribune, on April 1st 1915 a French aircraft flew over a German camp and dropped what appeared to be a huge bomb. The enemy troops immediately ran for cover, but no explosion followed. After a while, one brave soldier gingerly approached the bomb to discover it was actually a large football with a note tied to it that read, ‘April Fool!&r...Read More

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t believe in failure

  By Phil Hesketh Those words of wisdom came from none other than the stylishly elegant and fabulously chic, Coco. Not Coco the clown, of course, but the French fashion designer, Miss Coco Chanel. Her affirmation that anything is possible if you believe in it, is a view shared by many a successful business entrepreneur. But just how powerful is the act of believing and what part do...Read More

Uncertain times call for a radical new way of seeing

  Renowned Neuroscientist Beau Lotto presents a groundbreaking and practical guide to understanding perception, transforming the way we see and unlocking innovation in his new book, Deviate.   “Lotto, a brilliant neuroscientist, explains why our perceptual hardwiring makes it difficult for us to live with uncertainty…Deviate shows us how to reengineer our brains and pre...Read More

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