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Exclusive interview with ‘the Futurenauts’

  Renowned Futurologist Mark Stevenson, author of ‘We do Things Differently’ and Futerra’s Co-Founder Ed Gillespie, author of ‘Only Planet – a flightfree adventure around the world’, created ‘the Futurenauts’.   They will provoke, inspire and advise the world on the main issues we face, such as en...Read More

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t believe in failure

  By Phil Hesketh Those words of wisdom came from none other than the stylishly elegant and fabulously chic, Coco. Not Coco the clown, of course, but the French fashion designer, Miss Coco Chanel. Her affirmation that anything is possible if you believe in it, is a view shared by many a successful business entrepreneur. But just how powerful is the act of believing and what part do...Read More

Six Innovation Leadership Skills Everybody Needs To Master

by Robert Tucker Shutterstock You don’t need a crystal ball to see that the world of work is changing. According to an important new study from McKinsey Global Institute, almost half the jobs people currently perform have the potential to be automated by currently existing technology. It sort of makes you wonder: what kind of work will be left for humans to do? The answer: innovati...Read More

Paying big bonuses doesn’t always lead to better performance

By Phil Hesketh Is offering more money to people the best incentive there is? Well, apparently, it’s not as simple as that. Well known psychologist Dan Airley once conducted a study whereby he arranged to send five economics graduate students from Narayanan University to local villages near Madurai in Southern India. The tasks required students to use skills such as attention, memory, co...Read More

Think like a leader and act smart in times of turbulence

by Kevin Gaskell You can’t really miss it. The headlines, the endless discussions and debates, the boundless optimism from some and apocalyptic warnings from others. Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the last few months – and who, at times, hasn’t wanted to do that?! – the turbulence in the markets has permeated all aspects of daily life. And ...Read More

Fredrik Haren – Why you need a global keynote speaker

As a global Keynote Speaker, Fredrik Haren answers why you need a different kind of speaker when you organise an international conference. Building a Truly Global Company is not about “Think Global. Act Local” - it’s about “Think Human, Act Humane.   I once attended a speaker conference where an Ame...Read More

‘We are all existentialists now’ by Charles Leadbeater

   Charles Leadbeater is the author of the best-selling  Frugal Innovator and We Think Think. He is a Globally Renowned Innovation and Education Guru   Existential crisis is the new normal.     Everyone is growing increasingly anxious that everything is crumbling around them. Politics is being driven by these exis...Read More

Ice Bucket Challenge creator: ‘Profitable’ shouldn’t be a dirty word to philanthropists

John Blanding | The Boston Globe | Getty Images Companies must embrace being socially responsible to compete in today's market, said Jon Duschinsky, a creator of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than a $100 million for the A.L.S. Association to fund research that led to the discovery of a gene associated with the illness. Duschinsky, who is CEO of communi...Read More

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