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How to Speak so People Want to Listen (2)

by Jack Milner I remember the early Golden Nuggets cereal adverts. It featured Klondike Pete an Appalachian old-timer miner who’d shout, “Thar’s gold in them there hills!” And after blowing up some dynamite he’d find his golden nuggets breakfast cereal. I bought the whole ad, unfortunately I didn’t buy the breakfast cereal – my parents did. And as it&r...Read More

How to speak so people want to listen

By Jack Milner We’ve been there haven’t we, the lights have dipped, highlighting the opening PowerPoint slide; someone has shuffled awkwardly onto the stage holding their pointer, introduced themselves, something along the lines of, “I’m here today to talk to you about…” and we’re away. The second slide emerges in the gloom, possibly an agenda or ...Read More

Why Creative People Are Actually Highly Logical

To ensure your survival, your brain evolved to avoid one thing: uncertainty. As neuroscientist Beau Lotto points out, if your ancestors wondered for too long whether that noise was a predator or not, you wouldn't be here right now. Our brains are geared to make fast assumptions, and questioning them in many cases quite literally equates to death. No wonder we're s...Read More

Sahar Hashemi: What if your morning coffee could change lives?

Co-founder of Coffee Republic and author of bestseller Switched On, Sahar Hashemi has begun a new venture, the social project CHANGE PLEASE COFFEE, empowering homeless people with the skills, equipment and speciality beans they need to become fully-fledged baristas. By providing professional training and support with housing and bank accounts, giving people the opportunity to turn their liv...Read More

BA: Not an IT, but a 'Major Communication Failure'

by Javier Bajer At times, computers do say no.   They did it on 27th May 2017 to British Airways , upsetting thousands of people all over the world, who could not be where they wanted to be.  But this time, what bothered customers wasn't an IT failure but a major communication one. Immediately IT got the blame, starting a witch hunt for those who pulled the plugs, instead of dea...Read More

JB Straubel – The Disruptive, Clean Tech Innovator Changing Our World

JB Straubel is the world’s expert in battery technology and the Chief Technical Officer at pioneering electric car company Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley. He is leading the world’s transition to sustainable transportation and solving the massive global challenge of renewable energy storage. At Tesla, JB Straubel says: We look at what is possible with physics, science and technology...Read More

Exclusive Interview with Farah Pandith: How to win the war on terror

Farah Pandith is a world-leading expert on the foreign policy strategies required to defeat Islamic terrorism, win the “war of ideas” and halt extremist recruitment of Muslim youth. Appointed the first-ever special representative to Muslim communities in 2009, she served under both Secretary Clinton and Secretary John Kerry. In this role, she was responsible for executing a visi...Read More

Sir Peter Westmacott: Trump’s ‘empathy’ with strongmen

Sir Peter Westmacott: “a lot of the strongmen … of the Arab world, are feeling quite comfortable at the moment.”  Former British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott, recently gave an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN. In the interview, Westmacott discussed the Trump administration potentially flipping re...Read More

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