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Trevor Marsden

Getting to Know....Trevor Marsden

What Did You Want To Be As A Child?

A Police Officer

Karaoke Tune Of Choice?

Anything by the Police

Career Plan B?

Special Constable

Cat Or Dog?

Police Dog

Dream Dinner Date?

Anybody who can afford to buy me a KFC

What Was Your Big Break?

My right femur whilst playing rugby in 1970.

Favourite Villain?

My ex Wife.

Book That Changed Your Life?

Fifty Shades of Grey

First Ever Record?

Running the mile in 14 minutes.

When You Look In The Mirror You See..?

Not much because my eye sight is going.

On A Night Off We Would Find You?


What Is Your Favourite Meal?

As above KFC

Signature Dance Move?

Every time I move, I am prone to fall over.