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Emma Dunderdale

Getting To Know ..... Emma Dunderdale

What Did You Want To Be As A Child?

Weather girl, vet and a truck driver!!

Advice To Your Teenage Self?

Everything changes.

Karaoke Tune Of Choice?

Anything after enough glasses of wine!!!

Secret To A Happy Relationship?

To know that I am always right!!

Cat Or Dog?


Your Coffee Order?

Hazelnut Latte.

Number One On Your Bucket List?

Scuba Dive.

Dream Dinner Date?

Ryan Reynolds.

Where Is Home?

Newbury, Berkshire.

Favourite Villain?

The purple minions (Despicable Me 2).

First Ever Record?

Rio by Duran Duran.

When You Look In The Mirror You See..?

More wrinkles!

On A Night Off We Would Find You?

Being a parent, nights off are rare!!

What Is Your Favourite Meal?

Anything Mexican.

Signature Dance Move?

My children advise me not to dance anymore!

Motto You Live By?

You only live once.