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A small optimism bomb from Mark Stevenson

A small free optimism bomb, on the launch of Mark Stevenson's latest book:

We Do Things Differently 


Happy New Year! As you may know, my new book is out this Thursday (cripes!)

Advance readers have, flatteringly, gone bonkers for it, and the good people at Profile Books are allowing me to share two chapters, which you can forward to friends, family and colleagues if you think they'll enjoy them too. ("Once in a blue moon we publishers send out a book which gives you real pause for thought – and optimism," they say. "So much that you want to share it with just about everyone you know.” )


The first is Chapter 5 - Running on air which you can download by clicking here

...the story of how a man called Peter Dearman invented an engine that runs on liquid air (and antifreeze) and may just deliver refrigeration to the developing world, where nearly a third of all food produced is lost between harvest and distribution. And if that’s not enough, it also works for air conditioning – and as a battery that never loses capacity and is completely non-toxic. Potentially an answer to the final stumbling block for how renewable energy can power the world.


The second is Chapter 3 - Bug in the System which you can download by clicking here

...the story of how Indian scientist, Samir Brahmachari has turned drug company research techniques on their head, in order to help find cures for drug-resistant TB and malaria, using crowdsourcing and the clever interpretation of packed lunch logistics...

Visit the website for extras and another free chapter...