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Our now traditional Christmas Video ... enjoy


This year's Christmas video is a compilation of quotes from some of our speakers summarising 2016 
and looking forward to 2017 - we hope you enjoy it
2016 was the year the failure of our systems finally started to look scary, and everyone found themselves culpable For 2017 I wish you the courage to play your part in making a world fit for the 21st Century not the 19th.
'2016 was …..a gift (as is every year)
For 2017 I wish you …..the gift of celebrating many more Christmas's with friends and family!'
'2016 was the year when voters ventilated long held emotions.'
'2017 will, I hope, be a year of reason and evidence will get a better hearing.'
'2016 was … an increased sense of uncertainty (both real and imagined) for an increasing number of people.'
'For 2017 I wish you …..the grace, understanding and support to step into uncertainty.'
'2016 was a year when resentment and deflation dampened our spirits.'
For 2017 I wish that hope overcomes anger and our politics catches up with our technological capacities.'
'2016 was challenging but fulfilling.'
'For 2017 I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in that order.'
'2016 was a funny year - I had 2 unexpected challenges and yet 2 things I have dreamt of for a long time manifested.' 'For 2017 I wish you …..what matters most - health happiness and prosperity.'
'2016 was full of surprises for our mission to Mars, culminating in our listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.'
'For 2017 I wish you to achieve your goals, have fun and develop yourself in at least one way you didn't see coming.'
‘2016 was spectacular, filled with drama, excitement and one or two unexpected winners!'
'For 2017 I wish you a safe, rewarding year filled with data-driven decisions and plenty of champagne moments.’
'2016 was surprising and challenging.'
'For 2017 I wish you peace, compassion, and well-being.'
'2016 was the year that will be the answer to many pub quiz questions to come.'
'For 2017 I wish you an open mind and open heart.'
'2016 was a year of change, confusion & chances.'
'For 2017, I wish you a year full of new ideas, new opportunities & new markets.'
'2016 was hectic, life-affirming and the most educational of all my years to date.'
'For 2017, I wish you the wisdom and calmness that all of us are going to need to steer our way through some turbulent times.'
'2016 was the year we all learnt that we have to listen to people and communities.
This need surfaced in health as much as it did in politics.'
'For 2017 I wish you courage as you start to explore and embrace the potential of communities, especially in how it'll question your status quo.'
'2016 was a year of dramatic changes.'
'For 2017 I wish you success and profit from the changing world.'
'2016 was full of surprises, of all shapes and sizes and way too many sad demises.'
'For 2017 we wish you hereafter, more fun, more laughter, and big crazy dreams to go after.'


Very special thanks to Tim Reid and Jack Milner for giving us this lovely idea