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Sir Peter Westmacott: Exclusive US election comment

Following the result of the US Election, we asked several prominent speakers to give us their comments.

Former British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott had this to say:


“First Brexit, now President-elect Trump. Two huge shocks which the pollsters failed to see coming and which show how far political elites have become detached from ordinary voters’ concerns and how polarized – at times downright nasty – political debate has become. All the more reason to try and remain abreast of trends and aware of what is happening outside our individual comfort zones ”

More about Sir Peter Westmacott

Sir Peter Westmacott was British Ambassador to the United States from 2012-16.

Prior to his position in the United States, Sir Peter served as Ambassador to France from 2007-12. Prior to this he was Ambassador to Turkey from 2002-06 where, in 2003, he dealt with a suicide bomb attack directed at the British Consulate in Istanbul, killing 15 people.

Sir Peter‘s 40-year career in the British Diplomatic Service also included four years in Iran (before the Revolution) and an interim deployment to the European Commission in Brussels. Previously, he was the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Director for the Americas from 1997-2000, before taking a seat on the board as Deputy Under Secretary.

Peter Westmacott

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