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Robert Mazur - The Infiltrator

Three years after Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston is popping up on the other side of the drug trade. In the high-energy drama The Infiltrator, out in cinemas now, the Oscar nominated Trumbo star (armed once again with a dramatic mustache) appears in the title role as real life DEA agent Robert Mazur, who in the 1980s helped bust one of the biggest drug lords in history.

“Mazur had this belief that the way to bring down the drug cartels was not by chasing the drugs,” director Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) tells EW. “But instead by chasing the money. So he literally went undercover as a money launderer and pulled this string that blew open a gaping, volcanic hole. And that hole went as deep as Pablo Escobar.”

Cranston had a small role as a detective in The Lincoln Lawyer and the actor and Furman remained friends in the five years since that films release. “We really responded to each other,” Furman says. “He co-owns a great theater in Palm Springs and we showed The Lincoln Lawyer there and I did a Q&A afterwards. He’s the executive producer of a television show I’m working on. And so when this came to fruition, and I knew I wanted to work with my friends, he was the only guy.”

The film is set in the mid-1980s in Miami and Tampa, and Furman filmed in Florida but also used locations in London — of all places — to double for the Sunshine State. See if you can spot any Union Jacks in this first trailer (above) for The Infiltrator.

Watch a trailer here

As a speaker, Mazur reveals the inner workings of the misunderstood and serious threat faced by the financial markets, and effectively delivers the important difference that will empower institutions to identify and avoid massive risk.

He is:

One of the world’s leading authorities on money laundering techniques

Internationally recognized as an expert by private and public sector leaders

Engaged by global financial institutions, public companies, and governments

Author of “The Infiltrator”, a memoir about his undercover life as a high-level money launderer