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Malcolm Gladwell tells us that creativity is serendipitous ... Beau Lotto disagrees, adding that creativity is not even creative!



Beau Lotto , a world-renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and two-time TED speaker, shows us that understanding how we perceive the world will open up our ability to create and innovate. Beau answers the millennia-old question of whether humans see reality or not. We don't. This fundamental revelation shows that everything we know is filtered by context and by each individual's past experiences. His studies in human perception have taken him well beyond the scientific domain and into the fields of education, the arts and business.


Is creativity actually creative?


Hot off the press, Beau answers our quick fire questions to give you an insight into his world.

1. What are you working on at the moment?

My new Augmented Reality Social platform is being incubated by Viacom in the US. As such, I'm currently re-located there. Our first branded activation just took place on Monday 13th June in Times Square - where Traces was featured on one of the major screens. Also, my new book, Deviate, is with the Copy Editor, which is very exciting. Through case studies, history, and cutting-edge science, Deviate will show how understanding perception can allow us to change our brains, unshackle ourselves from the past, and unleash creativity, growth, and inspiration.

2. What should clients be thinking of in terms of innovation?

Whether or not THEY are at the edge of chaos .... Whether their cycle between creativity and efficiency is maximised. The most adaptive systems are the most successful.

3. What are the biggest obstacles you are finding clients are facing at the moment?

Embracing uncertainty as that is the one thing the brain evolved to avoid. And yet it's the only place we can go if we're to be truly creative ... which leads to innovation.

4. What things have you come across recently when speaking to clients that has impressed you, stood out or you have found particularly interesting?

Their desire to change. It's knowing how that's the challenge....


This is what our clients are saying about Beau:

"An hour with Beau was an invitation to shift your perceptions and let your mind explore a new playground of creativity in order to reach new levels of innovation! It is exactly what we needed. The feedback from all participants was unanimously euphoric! The delivery and contents were truly inspiring. One of the best key note speakers ever." Swisscom

"It was engaging and thought provoking, which was 1 of the core objectives. I would recommend the speaker and already have to my fellow program management colleagues, as we are responsible for booking all speakers within the Gartner events team. A good buzz and thought provocation I think on the whole!" Gartner Events

"Beau was very energetic and his slides were visually appealing. His presentation style leaves delegates listening to every word and his enthusiasm for the topic helps engage the audience into what he is saying. He speaks about things that affect everyone and appeals to all types of audiences, he was a pleasure to work with, arrived on time and worked to the brief he was given without any fuss." Citywire



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