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Spring Clean

So it’s almost Spring and with almost a quarter of the year passed already I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how you’re doing with your new year resolutions (if you made any)?

Getting organised, staying fit and healthy, learn something exciting, they were all on my list and yours too I’m sure! So I’ll admit mine aren’t going too well and if the truth be known I was an early faller so now I’m even more determined to set myself some new ones and with Spring just around the corner I have renamed them my Spring Challenges. And as nature wakes from its long Winter slumber now is the time for a fresh outlook. Keeping healthy will still appear near the top of my list and on that note I would like to share with you the insights of three experts who are sure to be leading the health agenda this year:

Maneesh Juneja is ranked the 8th most influential person in Digital Health and the 10th most influential person in Wearable Technology. Known for pushing the boundaries, in 2014, he delivered a talk entitled ‘Healthcare in the future’ questioning whether advancing technology would make doctors unemployed which triggered widespread discussion on both sides of the Atlantic. Maneesh runs his own consultancy and regularly shares provocative ideas on the potential of personal health data. He is also the founder of the Health 2.0 London Chapter, the UK’s largest grassroots health tech community.

Few people truly understand the crisis facing the future of health, and even fewer are able to communicate it. Dr Pritpal S Tamber is one such person. A former Physician Editor of TEDMED he is an innovation consultant who explores the future of health as well as being the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative.

The healthcare industry is designed around treating sickness: how it's accessed, how it's paid for, and what research is conducted is all predicated on sickness. And yet the challenge for the future of health is to understand how we can create it, rather than wait for people to get sick. This is exactly the reason why Pritpal founded the Creating Health Collaborative, an international group aiming to understand health beyond the lens of healthcare. The group has representatives from some of the biggest institutions in health, such as the Mayo Clinic, the University of Toronto, Kaiser Permanente, and Guy's and St Thomas'.

Hugh Herr is an athlete, scientist, innovator and futurist. A double amputee himself he is responsible for breakthrough advances in bionic limbs that provide greater mobility and new hope to those with physical disabilities.

In 2011, Dr Herr was coined the 'Leader of the Bionic Age' by Time Magazine because of his revolutionary work in the emerging field of Bio mechatronics - technology that marries human physiology with electro mechanics.

Suffice to say health is sure to be a topic for global debate as 2016 progresses with these three being strong contributors. So there you have it a renewed and determined me and remember whether it’s health, wealth, happiness and pretty much any other topic besides we can help you find the perfect speaker so do get in touch.