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Understanding the year 2016 means understanding ...

by Jay Tuck


Angela Dorothea Merkel was raised in East Germany. Her career began as propaganda manager of the Communist youth group FDJ. Her political transition to national chairperson of the conservative CDU in a reunited Germany was remarkable. Her career was to catapult her from the chancellor’s loyal assistant (“Kohl’s Little Girl“) to the country’s youngest, and first female chancellor (nickname “Mutti”). Today she is most probably the most powerful woman in the world.

Her uncanny sense for the winds of change, has helped her guide her party quietly away from many of the staunch conservative values it had held for decades on such core issues as atomic energy and same-sex marriage, the military draft and the minimum wage. Today, of course, her fate hangs on her daring “Refugees Welcome” policies. Despite heavy criticism from EU neighbors and the growing ranks of the radical right - and their increasingly violent activities – within the country, she refuses to limit their numbers.

Where is this leading us? What are Merkel’s priorities for Germany, for Europe and for her own personal future? How does she define the issues? What is her agenda? Where does she get her advice?

Jay Tuck
Few are better qualified to address these questions than Jay Tuck, a political insider with intimate knowledge of the players and the personalities, as well as charming behind-the-scenes anecdotes. The American journalist spent over thirty years in positions of major editorial responsibility at Germany’s largest television network ARD. As investigative reporter, he produced hundreds of TV segments on conflicts, controversies and corruption. He was combat correspondent in two wars and Executive News Director at the prestigious network news program Tagesthemen.

In print, his analyses appear in Der Spiegel, Stern, Die Welt, Die Zeit and Playboy in Germany, as well as for Weltwoche in Switzerland, Oggi in Italy, Le Point in France and Time Magazine in New York. Prior to his overseas work, Tuck worked for CBS News in New York.

As a consultant, Tuck advises foundations and international corporations and speaks at Chambers of Commerce (Hamburg and Dubai), The Emirates Economic Forum, Hamburger Ratsherrenrunde and the World Bank. He is represented by the London Speakers Bureau. Currently, Jay Tuck is CEO of Airtime Dubai, an international media company which produces, among others, in Arabic for Al-Jazeera. His vita appears in Wikipedia.

In the year 2000, Jay Tuck became the 1st American ever to run Siberian Ice Marathon.