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Alan Chambers MBE

Leadership and Team Motivation Expert, and Polar and Arctic Explorer


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During 16 years service with Her Majesty's Royal Marine Commandos Alan operated in the deserts, jungles and frozen tundra’s of the planet, travelling the world visiting over forty countries. He is a formally qualified diver, parachutist, paramedic and ski survival instructor.

After spending five years researching, planning and training, Alan led the first successful British unsupported expedition from Canada to the Geographic North Pole. After a grueling seventy days on the ice, Alan and team mate, Charlie Paton, raised the Union Jack on top of the world at 23:16 hours on 16th May 2000.

More men have walked on the moon than walked to the North Pole unsupported. In fact, only one in 150,000 people ever attempt to walk there unsupported. Through determination, guile, resolute planning and motivation they succeeded against all odds. The ten-week expedition, which left the team ten days overdue suffering extreme body weight loss and dwindling food supplies, was a catalyst for the future for Alan.

Upon return from the top of the world Alan, aged 32, was awarded the MBE by Her Majesty the Queen for Determined Leadership in Constant Adversity. He has since returned to the North Pole numerous times, making it possible for men and women to accomplish a dream.

In May 2008, Alan and Peter Herbert led the largest ever British polar expedition focused on education. They crossed one of the world’s largest glaciers and brought their experience to the classrooms of the United Kingdom and beyond. The expedition had four objectives:

– To help focus the attention of as many people as possible, especially the young, on the fast changing global environmental challenges that we all face.
– To motivate by example, showing people that if you really want to do something – and you research and focus yourself on the challenge – nothing is out of reach.
– To demonstrate to children how determination and commitment combined with training and ability can enable them to achieve in the field of sports and adventure.
– To enable supporting organisations to demonstrate how they are investing significantly in a positive way in order to minimise any negative impact on the natural environment.

The journey was 550 kilometres and lasted 26 days. The team endured some of the most extreme weather conditions known to man whilst on the icecap.

  • The only limits are those of vision
  • Self-management
  • Leading from the back
  • Don’t rest on your laurels – improve
  • Have the courage to question the past and innovate
  • The importance of correct team dynamics
  • A winning mindset
  • How to remain focused 

"Alan Chambers was very inspirational and there are a lot of lessons and leadership examples that could be applied to day to day situations." – Zurich

Keep Walking: Leadership Learning in Action



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