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Lee Warren

Co-Founder of Invisible Advantage


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Lee Warren has been a professional magician and mind-reader for 20 years, he has a strong background in sales, and he now uses this background in magic, theatre and sales to give presentations, seminars and coaching to firms including Deloitte, EY, Barclays Wealth and HSBC, helping people to become more persuasive, present better and increase their ability to connect with colleagues and clients.

A member of the Magic Circle, he was described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’. Lee has written sell-out theatre shows and has been a commissioned artist at The Royal Opera House. He’s fluent in Spanish and very good at playing the piano badly.

He has spoken all over the globe at conferences, association events and internal meetings for many of the world’s largest organisations. He is the author of ‘How to Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)’ and ‘Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint’, two eBooks designed to help people who need to communicate more effectively in business. He’s currently working on a new book aimed at business presenters, due to be published in 2017.

‘Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint’

Presenting is an essential business skill and you are expected to be good at it.  Most business presentations however are somewhere between dull and insanely dull - even worse, they don’t get their point across and just waste everyone’s time.

This session will teach you how to think of a presentation from the audience’s point of view. We’ll look at the mistakes almost everyone makes in every presentation and how to avoid them. You’ll learn the technical and psychological skills that theatre practitioners and writers use to craft compelling messages that communicate your point and make people act on your ideas, and you’ll take away loads of tips and techniques to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. By the end of this session, you’ll never think about presenting in the same way again!

‘How to Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)’

In business, you have to be persuasive if you want to succeed at any level. During this interactive seminar Lee Warren fuses magic, business psychology and showbiz to create a ‘business cabaret’ event. You will learn the secret skills used by magicians and mind-readers to persuade and influence people. The seminar is light-hearted in tone, but with a focus on how to use these fascinating skills ethically in business situations, and communicate more persuasively with clients and colleagues. This is a ‘hands-on’ session, and everyone will get the chance to try out some of the new techniques immediately! This seminar is perfect for anyone who deals face-to-face with clients and colleagues and wants to be more influential and persuasive.

'Making Networking Work’

The BEST way of getting attendees to network - teach them how to do it in a fun, interactive session!

Relationships drive business, and good networkers thrive in any environment. Many people, however, find face-to-face networking difficult, even when they’re experienced at it. Often, people mistake quantity for quality, and don’t know how to turn an initial contact into a business relationship.

This interactive seminar helps you practise the skills needed to become a better networker. You’ll learn the best ways to meet people, the secret of remembering their names, when and how to leave a conversation and the skill of keeping a good conversation going. You’ll learn how to set clear goals, and create a referral strategy, rather than just handing out business cards and hoping for the best!

This is a ‘hands-on’ seminar, based on Lee’s experience of over 1,000 networking events and you will leave feeling confident and excited about your next networking event!

‘Sales Without Selling’

Many people find sales difficult. Often the reason for this is that people have a mindset that ‘sales’ is something manipulative.

In fact, at the heart of selling is a simple idea – sales is about exchanging value. You’re helping people by providing a solution to a problem. The role of sales is to make sure that people get the best solution to their problem and that the process of buying the solution is as simple as possible. This seminar, in Lee's lighthearted, interactive style will help you to change the way you see ‘sales’

By the end of this session, you will feel more confident about having a sales conversation with a client, and know how to build trust during the sales process, by focusing on client needs and the client relationship. This means that you’re more motivated to work with clients towards valuable solutions and you’ll understand why people ‘love to buy, they just don’t want to be sold to’.

Who is this session for? Anyone who has to sell their service to clients, or sell ideas internally. It doesn’t matter if your business card doesn’t say ‘salesperson’ on it!


As above, but in a different, longer format, plus:

‘Life’s A Pitch’

If you sell your services or products through client presentations and pitches, this is the session for you. At the end of this workshop, you'll be able to structure and deliver an unforgettable pitch which connects emotionally with the client, and leaves the competition crying in front of their slides. We’ll cover: Why you’re probably pitching your fees the wrong way and what to do about it, how to ‘grab’ the audience’s attention immediately, how to give the client what they need rather than what they expect, how to use the pitch to build trust, how to stop being just like your competition, how to create the ideal conditions for negotiation during the pitch, and how to make sure that your p[itch is ‘referrable’ to all those decision-makers you never meet!

“It was like having Derren Brown help our business” – Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“Thank you for an excellent session yesterday. Incisive, engaging and very funny…you have our highest recommendation” – GE Capital

“I just wanted to say thank you again for presenting at Grant Thornton’s Aspire event for our clients… We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from guests.” – Grant Thornton

“Lee’s one of the most popular and entertaining speakers we’ve ever used. Lee’s talks are fun and entertaining, but also deliver business value. They are great for large groups and always create a real buzz.” – Global Banking & Markets, HSBC

“Lee was great from the first phone call, taking time to understand our needs in depth…the sessions were fun, but useful, especially in terms of putting presentations/pitches together for new business. The improvement across the agency is immediate, and I’m sure we’ll be more successful as a result of our work with Lee.” – ORM

“Lee helped changed our rather bland presentation, on a technical topic, into an interesting story which got our message across clearly and kept the judge’s interest. We all knew that we had a good product, but Lee made sure we got the message and story across. We went on to win the industry award, for which Lee’s coaching was an essential part.” – Lloyd’s Broker

“Lee gave a simply brilliant talk on influence and persuasion to an audience of voluntary sector CEOs. Everyone was really impressed at the time and trouble he took to understand the audience beforehand so that his talk really hit the spot- entertaining, inspiring, practical and most importantly relevant to the audience.” – NCVO

“I have never seen the audience so buzzing with enthusiasm and energy…Lee’s talk was entertaining, engaging and interactive but also had very clear business results.” – Institute of Financial Planning, London region.

“Your session was noted by many delegates as being their highlight of the conference, which is reflected in your feedback – 86% of the delegates rated you as ‘excellent’, compared to the conference average of 51%!” Paraplanner Conference, 2014

“A highlight of our ‘milestone’ programmes. Lee’s presentations are engaging, great fun and very, very useful” – Deloitte

“Lee’s session at a recent event was mentioned by many of our senior leaders as a real highlight. Lee has an enviable skill of mixing fun with very clear messaging in his delivery style. He is very amusing but also highly informative. It was noticeable that the delegates made good use of his lessons immediately…. So, particularly pleasing that Lee not only entertained but provided positive and very useful tools. First rate!!!” –  Global Payments

“Many thanks for your super inspiring presentation yesterday at our client event. We have already received so many positive comments. I thought your talk was pitched perfectly for our audience” – HFM Columbus

“…exceptional from both a content and delivery perspective…Participants comments included, “mesmerising, brilliant speaker.” Any seminar presented by Lee should be classified as a ‘don’t miss event’.” – FOCUS UK

“The work that Lee provides delivers immediate results – it’s practical, relevant and engaging…My industry is a technical one, and I’ve been really impressed at how Lee got to grips with my business, understood my challenges and was able to ‘speak our language’.” – Leading Global Insurer

How to Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)

Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint




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