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Alex Hunter

Brand and loyalty expert and former Head of Digital for the Virgin Group


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Alex Hunter is a brand and loyalty expert who worked as Head of Digital for the Virgin Group. He’s also an investor in and advisor to start-ups, and is the creator of the online travel show, Attaché.

When the Virgin America airline launched in the US, Alex was pivotal in building an online community which urged the US Congress to give the company the necessary approval in the face of opposition from the established American domestic carriers. The campaign was widely praised, including on CNN and CNBC, in the pages of Time magazine, and with ad:tech and Webby Awards. He then went on to lead digital strategy for the whole Virgin group, overseeing a rapid expansion of the brand's online strategy. Virgin's main site was very quick to embrace social media and user-driven content, underlining the company’s reputation for customer focus.

Alex now looks at brand and customer loyalty in the digital age and how companies can effectively partner their offers online and offline. He argues that too many organisations view digital as something that will change their business when in fact many of the principles that have made them successful in their field readily apply online. Alex looks at how technology can improve understanding of customers and help personalise the service businesses offer. He also delivers examples of exceptional (and exceptionally bad) customer service both online and offline, how communities are built, and the truth behind the hype of disruption.

Recently Alex served as CEO of a venture-backed digital music company, with investment from the backers of Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, and Kickstarter. He steered the company through initial financing, a successful international M&A deal, and multi-national growth in under a year. He is on the Board of Trustees for the non-profit Drinkaware. He has also served as an advisor to the Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Trust, specifically around the use of social media and engagement to propagate the Trusts’ message.

In October 2016, Alex won Travel Blogger and Vlogger of the Year at the Travel Media awards.

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"Alex had a great style,engaged the audience and conveyed key messages… it was a great conclusion to our event." Deloitte

"He was amazing. A really engaging speaker with a very slick and professional presentation. He got big laughs and landed some great messages. He was a pleasure to be around, very easy to work with an very friendly." Capital One

"Alex was entertaining, relevant and quite inspirational... one of our best speakers ever." Nationwide

"Very engaging. His personable style meant that the subject matter was easily absorbed and interest was held throughout." News Corp

"Exceptional. A truly gifted speaker." Royal College of Nursing

"Alex was brilliant and received a lot of great feedback (and will continue to do so over the next few days/weeks. I am sure). Please do re-iterate it for me as he really was fantastic!." Ikea

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