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Richard Tyler

Chief Possibility Architect and Author of Jolt


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Richard Tyler is Chief Possibility Architect, Keynote speaker, Author, coach and provocateur. 

Richard and his BTFI team have been pioneers of Artful Leadership for 10 years - blending psychology, the arts and leadership to help his clients leave behind ordinary and shift towards extraordinary. In a world where good enough is no longer good enough, is there time for you to stand still?

Richard dreamed of performing on stage from an early age. After a few setbacks he trained as a singer and was lucky enough to get his big break when asked to perform in a village hall in the most northern part of Scotland to 2 men and a whippet. Following a major jolt in his thinking, his career rocketed. He went on to play lead roles in many of London's Westend productions such as Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera.

Since taking the make-up and tights off, he is less of a drama queen, but occasionally still dips into the world of performance.

In a world where 'good enough is no longer enough', Richard generates a call to action with every one of his keynotes. His question is simple: Are you comfortable being 'good' or are you compelled to flirt with 'extraordinary'? He jolts each audience member to face up to the fact that the only path to tread is the one that leads to extraordinary. The days of 'ordinary' being acceptable have now passed by!

Based solidly in the principles of extraordinary performance from within the world of music and the arts, Richard unwraps a new way of thinking. His experience as a musician, singer and Westend leading man enables him to push some new ideas and principles that have a powerful effect on organisations, culture, leadership and teamwork. He invites everyone to look at the future through this new lens.

His keynote style is lively and provocative. The audience will be laughing one moment and in deep reflection the next. Using a mix of musicians and performance based sessions, Richard immerses people in the Artful approach. The audience leave inspired and ready to make the change go viral....


Organisational Change

Values and behaviours

Extraordinary Teamwork

Some keynote examples are:

Getting wonky in a world of magnolia... Finding your 1o of change...

Dancing with Gorilla's

Jolt to extraordinary!

Leading at your edge...

'A cognitive Jolt to transform your business and your life' Microsoft UK

'At Innocent, we look to disrupt the norms and lead the way. For this to happen, we have to Jolt!' Innocent

'I believe the music industry needs constant jolting if it wants to inspire and engage with a broader audience. Setting up the MOBO Awards required courage, passion and a compelling vision. In Jolt, Richard gives the reader a wallop; a call to action that we must all listen to if we have any desire to touch extraordinary'  MOBO

Jolt - will show you how to:

Shake up your thinking, embrace the new and unleash the extraordinary version of yourself
Help make a sustainable gear change
Recognize the habits and limiting beliefs holding you back
Test out new ways of thinking and doing things



UK : £7k to £15k

Europe : £7k to £15k

US : £7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East : £7k to £15k

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Richard is a certified NLP assessor, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and has studied numerous other behavioural psychology disciplines. He now combines his 2 areas of expertise; the world of extraordinary performance and behavioural psychology, to offer a compelling vehicle for change and progression.

He works with boards, senior teams and leaders to provoke, nudge, cajole, re- energise, tickle and invigorate development. Richard ignites the spark of change in an audience. He works via Keynotes, coaching, change programmes and Leadership development events. He frequently speaks on radio and contributes to numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of Artful Leadership.

Richard has driven numerous change initiatives across large public and private sector organisations. In 2012 Richard was presented with the Speaker of the Year Award by the Professional Speaker Association.

His book, Jolt, will be published in April 2015.

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