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Tim Reid

Award Winning Comedy Writer and Innovation Expert


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Tim is a multiple award winning comedy writer, best known for co-creating and co-writing the BAFTA winning sitcom, CAR SHARE.

As well as winning the BAFTA for Best Scripted Comedy, CAR SHARE also won Best Original Programme at the Broadcast Awards, 2016; Most Popular Comedy Series at the National Television Awards, 2016; and Best TV Entertainment Programme at the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards.

But as well as being a successful comedy writer, Tim is a world class innovation expert, and he's passionate about combining these two skills to help businesses become as creative as comedians.

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible." David Ogilvy - Advertising Legend

Tim has worked for some of the worlds most creative organisations, including global ad agencies, innovation consultancies and the BBC. He's helped clients from beer brands to broadcasters, confectioners to condom makers reimagine the future and re-invent their businesses.

Tim is quite possibly unique in the world of advertising having worked in every discipline available in an ad agency. He started his career as an adman at J Walter Thompson as a Media Planner, before moving to McCann Erickson as an Account Director, then Strategic Planner, and finally as an award winning Copywriter. Tim's unwillingness to be boxed in by a job title or discipline reflects his approach to creativity, and his ethos in inspiring creative thinking in others.

From his unique position as both a successful innovation consultant and comedy writer, Tim has drawn together a practical guide to applying the trade secrets used by top creative professionals, comedians and writers.

During the process of writing, developing, and filming a major sitcom for BBC One, Tim learned first hand how many of the same tools and techniques of creativity and idea generation are used by writers, comedians and commercial innovators alike.

As well as sharing these 'trade secrets' through his keynote speeches, Tim continues to coach companies in innovation and is currently working on new sitcom formats and screenplay scripts.

Tim is a master at keeping audiences actively engaged and positively energised. Whether it's getting people on their feet and playfully interacting, or switching on different parts of their brains through quick mental exercises, Tim can make sure your audience is alive, alert and full of energy throughout your event.

To watch a preview clip of the BBC's Car Share, please click here

To view Tim's latest podcast, please click here

Quick, Creative Thinking For Turbulent Times

In times of uncertainly you need to be able to think quickly, creatively and harness the brain power across your teams, with the right tools and energy to adapt to make the most of changing circumstances and new opportunities. In this talk, Tim will share his insights, from over 20 years in innovation and 5 years as a comedy writer, to show how to have bigger, better ideas, quickly, collaboratively and make them happen.

5 Big Creative Lessons I Learned Creating BAFTA Winning Sitcom Car Share

In this talk Tim will share stories, creative techniques and 'trade secret' tools that comedians and writers use to create and develop big ideas into award winning productions.

As co-creator and co-writer of the multi-award winning Car Share, Tim knows how to turn a thought into an idea, and an idea into reality. And as an innovation consultant with over 20 years experience working with big global brands, Tim knows exactly how big businesses, leaders and teams can benefit from the lessons he's learned first hand,

This talk is as entertaining as it is useful, with behind the scenes stories as well as real practical lessons.

The Funny Thing About Innovation – the secrets of successful innovators, writers and comedians:

  • Introduction to Tim and his experience as a creativity coach and a comedy writer

  • The close links between creativity and comedy and why advertising legend, David Ogilvy, said “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

  • How to be more creative by adopting the behaviours of comedians, comedy writers and other creative people.

  • The tools and techniques comedians and writers use to come up with a steady stream of new ideas.

Unleashing your own creativity

How successful innovators, writers and comedians behave

How to turn your brain into an ideas machine – and how to stop it road-blocking fresh thinking

How to turn starter thoughts into big ideas

"Tim is the man we regularly turn to for creative or strategic inspiration. He brings a precious mix of business 'smartness' and ingenious thinking to every piece of work." Molson Coors Brewing Co.

"Under Tim's expert guidance, he took the cross-functional team on a truly creative journey which led the team to thinking differently about creating solutions born from true insight." Pernod Ricard

"Tim's creativity training was fantastic. The day itself was motivating and engaging and the techniques we learnt have revolutionised how we work." Acumed

"Tim is one of the most talented people I know. He uses his intelligence eloquently and creatively to deliver creative solutions. He has the clarity of thought that makes him an outstanding planner and the personality to take all audiences with him. He’s great fun to be with too!" The Market

"Tim was very instrumental in helping us build a great international innovation pipeline. He brought us his strong experience with different companies both at strategic and project management levels, and demonstrated great abilities to work with many different cultures." Bel, Paris

"Tim is a world class creative communicator. He is able to inspire a group to different thinking that takes brands and strategic thinking to new levels. He is energetic. He is eloquent. He can tell truth to power. I look forward to working with him again." Martin Johnstone

"Tim is one of the most versatile ‘admen’ I know – almost a one man agency in fact! An award winning writer, he’s also an intelligent planner and an effective client handler who inspires everyone with the quality of his thinking, and also his passion and professionalism. Whatever he touches turns to gold. Give him any brief and it’s in safe hands – you’ll get everything you wanted and more. I’ve placed him with 3 different agencies since the early nineties and he’s made a valued contribution to each one, whatever the role. A rare talent." Advertising Resources Ltd



UK : £2.5k to £7k

Europe : £2.5k to £7k

US : £7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East : £7k to £15k

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