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Philip Weiss



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Author of 'Hyperthinking', Phil Weiss is an entrepreneur and strategic thinker who has been working with leading corporations for the past two decades.

He speaks for corporate and business audiences around the world on a range of topics related to disruption, innovation and technology.

He founded ZN the leading digital agency working with companies, political institutions like the European Commission and Parliament and organisations on how to use the Internet to integrate and transform business and communication.

His Hyperthinking model was developed to enable the ZN team and their clients manage rapid change and innovation to adapt their strategies and structures to the age of networks.

Whilst studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, Philip Weiss launched two college magazines, started the first student radio station on a full FM licence in the UK, and received the Young Achievers Award from HM the Queen.

In 2009, Philip helped co-found TEDxBrussels ( He was Chairman of IABC Europe (International Association of Business Communicators)in 2013.

In 2012, he wrote the book 'Hyperthinking', defining the mindset needed to survive and thrive in the age of networks.





'Philip Weiss is one of the most creative thinkers of his generation. Straight from Oxford he founded the ZN agency, which engaged major global corporations from the dawn of the internet age. HyperThinking is a distillation of his experience at ZN, and provokes us all to benefit from the family of internet technologies, in the way we handle life and work in a rapidly changing world. Profound as well as playful, HyperThinking invites us all to immerse ourselves in the new technologies - and adapt our analysis, thinking and behaviour for the networked world. An important book for all those involved in communicating ideas, policies and activities for their business.'  Chairman of

'HyperThinking reminds us that we live in a constant flux of ideas and events, propelled along by the economics, technology and politics of our time. But Phil Weiss takes us beyond Heraclitus as he explores the tools for navigating the ever-changing river. By embracing the four modes of hyperthinking, everyone can move beyond convention and the fear of failure, and flex their thinking-muscles for innovative outcomes. In spite of the proven results over 100 years of the Montessoris and Steiners and Neills and Piagets of this world, most national education systems still turn out far more conformists than iconoclasts - possibly a good thing for the stability of society, but not for stimulating life-long creative learning. With HyperThinking, Phil Weiss shows how to shed sluggish groupthink and apply heuristic playfulness to your workday - or even personal - problems. How to leave behind the conservatism of traditional formal education and shift to more creative solutions by enthusiastically engaging technology in networking and learning. Read this book before a hyperthinker makes your job irrelevant!' European Commission

'Phil Weiss invented the concept of Hyperthinking. In these pages he brings his ideas alive and shares the principles with a flair for storytelling and an eclectic mix of sources, examples and case studies. He's the Tony Buzan of the internet generation.' simplygroup

'Change - be it cultural, social or economic - seems to have hit hyperspeed as technology facilitates ever faster and easier social networking. Weiss takes a long, unblinking look at this world in constant flux, and sees only promise and opportunity. His hyperthinking approach gives readers a practical and structured way to embrace change, incorporate it into their lives, and thrive in the wild, wired west.Drawing upon great thinkers like Nieztche, Thomas Kuhn, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and his own experiences and those of others, Weiss proposes a 4-dimensional hyper-approach. First, detachment allows yourself to see how you think, and to recognize the paradigms within which our thinking may stagnate. Then, to escape our calcified mental models we need to adopt a state of permanent learning. Playful exploration of the web and social media, allows us to connect, share and expand the reach and impact of our actions. And finally, quite simply, we are told to experiment, to act, to get out there and make things happen. Weiss demystifies the digital world and provides simple and practical advice on how to thrive in the new wired society.'  Sanofi Pasteur


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