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Josh Spear

One of the youngest and most influential marketing strategists in the world


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As one of the youngest and most influential marketing strategists in the world, Josh is sought out for his intelligent, no-holds-barred insight on everything from design to authenticity and 'word-of-mouth.' His own blog,, uses a network of writers across the globe to unearth trends in art, design, mobile and the future of digital media itself.

Josh's New York-based consultancy applies a digital world-view to the challenges and ambitions of complex corporate organisations. It creates strategies for deeper, lasting online relationships - including new models to measure performance in emerging environments. As well as advising some of the world's biggest brands, it also works as a think-tank on the influence of technology on all aspects of human behaviour.

Marketing Strategy;


Global Trends;

Social Power of Technology;

Digital Generation



UK : £7k to £15k

Europe : £7k to £15k

US : up to £7k

Asia/Middle East : £7k to £15k

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A hugely engaging conference speaker, Josh's presentations set out new ways for organisations to harness the internet. He analyses what it is that makes certain things catch on, and explains how to position products and services to capitalise on fast-moving trends. And with a billion people online at any one moment, he shows how to get the attention of the digital generation.

In an alternative presentation Josh explores the social power of technology and the opportunity it offers to change behaviours. What can you do with an entire workforce digitally connected, beyond simply sending each other emails? How do you share knowledge across an enterprise? Can your teams move the internet with their shear numbers?

Josh is frequently featured in Time Magazine and The New York Times. For several years he has been an active participant and keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos five years running, where he was formally nominated a Young Global Leader.

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