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Shefaly Yogendra

Specialist in Decision-Making & Risk


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Shefaly Yogendra is a specialist in decision-making & risk. She serves as a Board Director of JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust (LSE: JUSC) & a Trustee of BeyondMe, with special focus on risk, strategic technology, branding and talent. Shefaly is among the “100 Women To Watch” in the Female FTSE Board Report 2016.

Shefaly is an advisor to founders, CEOs & investors. She is also a founding member of the academic faculty at the Vedica Scholars Programme for women leaders in India.

Recently Shefaly was the founder-COO and creative director at the fine jewellery startup Livyora Limited in London with the tagline “wear the story”. Earlier she worked in corporate venturing in the HCL Technologies Group, where, amongst other roles building businesses, she served as the group’s youngest - and only female - country manager in Switzerland.

Shefaly has deep knowledge of technology, luxury, and networked and regulated sectors including financial services and telecommunication. In addition to her hands-on experience as an entrepreneur and a business executive, she is an effective and engaging teacher and facilitator of masterclasses and strategy sessions.

Shefaly has trained at some of the world’s leading academic establishments in India, the USA and the UK. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and a Master’s degree in Technology Policy and a PhD in decision-making from the University of Cambridge. She was a Cambridge-MIT Institute Research Fellow in MIT’s Technology and Policy Program, in the Engineering Systems Division.

Shefaly’s talks take a 360-degree view of technology as a tool, as a threat, as a servant (or indeed a master!) in today’s world. Add to that her lens on risk and decision-making from all perspectives, and you go away with an entirely different perspective on your work and your life.

Technology and the Boardroom
Shefaly has a deep understanding of the chopping and changing nature of tools and technologies, behavioural norms on networks, risks and benefits, and stories of corporate successes and egregious faux pas. From a business point of view, she had a solid understanding of privacy, security, data management and safety concerns on the one hand, and regulatory limitations on the other.

Sample Topics for Technology and the Boardroom:

• How social media and web technologies are redefining the future of your sector and your business

• How technological innovation is shaping lenses on risk: worrying times in the C suite and the boardroom

• Social media, the loss of control and building your brand

• Exclusive luxury meets democratic web: the challenges of being a Luxury CEO today

Decision making in complex, uncertain, changing, emerging environments

Sample Topics for decision making in complex, uncertain, changing, emerging environments:

Decisions in a time of uncertainty

Risk literacy

People of the Future

Shefaly speaks of diversity from commercial and personal perspectives, drawing on her professional experience on three continents, and a deep understanding of the governance and diversity challenges in the board room and in businesses.

Sample Topics for People of the Future:

Learning from Diversity

Women in the C-suite — leadership in times of rapid change beyond the glass cliff 

Our brain on web — how learning is changing and what it means for talent planning for the future





Social Media



Luxury Goods

"Shefaly is a terrifically engaging and gifted speaker. She is authentic and has a unique ability to tell meaningful stories which are audience and topic tailored. The diverse nature of her career history makes her fascinating to listen to! She has talked for the Women on Boards network (WOBUK) on a number of occasions and we like her because of her evidence and data based approach to decision-making and advising decision makers. I would recommend Shefaly without hesitation as an inspirational woman and portfolio director!" Women On Boards

"Shefaly was one of our panelists for the event "How She Did It: Dealing With Co-Founder Issues" in March 2016 which attracted 100 people to attend. During the panel, she listened carefully to the questions and offered candid advice on how to select co-founders and deal with break-up situations. It was very clear that she was the one with most experience in business of all panelists and her contribution made a lasting difference to the quality of the event. After the session, she was bombarded with questions from attendees eager to hear more about her experience and advice. Throughout the whole event, Shefaly engaged naturally with the audience and made them feel comfortable to ask questions they wouldn't typically share in front of others. I can recommend her for speaking engagements without hesitation." Lu Li, Founder at Blooming Founders

“I had the pleasure of having Shefaly Yogendra speak at one of our NOI Club events. I asked her to deliver a speech on the very delicate topic of body image and give a scientific spin to an event that was full of personal stories. The result was incredible. a unique, informative yet witty presentation that really attracted the entire audience and stimulated an open debate. Shefaly is a great storyteller and her subtle sense of humour helped the talk take off - she also responded very well to provocative questions and made everyone feel at ease. What I admire the most of her personality on stage is her ability to gain everyone's trust right from the start. I cannot wait to have her back.” Paola Garbini, The NOI Club


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