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Marcus East

Global Digital Director for Marks and Spencer, Former Apple eCommerce Executive & Digital Expert


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Marcus is a professional technology leader with over 20 years experience of working in the Information Technology, specialising in Digital Transformations and Electronic Commerce.

He recently worked in Silicon Valley for Apple, where he led eCommerce solutions delivery for their worldwide on-line business, and also drove the adoption of Agile software delivery.

He returned to the UK at the beginning of 2016 to join Marks and Spencer, where he is the director responsible for driving the company’s digital transformation.

East is an expert in Agile transformations, with real experience of driving the adoption of Agile in major organisations like Comic Relief and Apple, and is one of a small number of people certified as an expert in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and with actual hands-on experience of implementing Agile at scale.

In addition to his expertise in delivering value for commercial organisations, he also has a passion for the use of technology to drive positive social change, and spent two years building and leading Comic Relief’s technology function, during which time he drove the delivery of award-winning technology and digital products, including the record-setting donations platform that supports Red Nose Day.

He was also a director and trustee of Nominet Trust, and has sat on the board of several charities and social enterprises and actively seeks to help charities and social tech organisations to embrace the digital age.

Having lived and worked in the UK, Asia and America, he has a truly international perspective on the challenges facing organisations and societies today, and how technology affects them - he has strong views on social exclusion, diversity in technology, managing technology talent and how large corporations should react to the challenges and opportunities that the advent of the digital age brings. He is passionate about the potential for digital technology to transform society for the better, and is particularly interested in ‘social tech’, where people and organisations are using innovative technology to tackle difficult social problems.

Digital transformation in Retail and in large companies

Marcus will draw on his experiences at Marks and Spencer and Apple, talking about how embracing new digital business models can be challenging for large companies, but ultimately successful once the right combination of skills, systems and strategy are put in place.

The Future of Retail in a Digital World

Marcus looks specifically at some of the changes coming to the world of Retail, specifically:

* Personalisation - where consumers are increasingly expecting customised experiences that are tailored to their specific needs and situation.

* Delivery & Fulfilment - looking at the innovations in the industry around physical fulfilment of online orders, including everything from automated lockers and drones through to 3D Printing of clothing and food.

* Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Commerce - exploring the potential impact of AI on both commerce and customer service, with intelligent agents able to engage with customers to help them quickly find suitable options, reducing the level of human resource that is needed whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

Driving Agility in a large organisation / Embracing change

This presentation focuses on the power of Agility, specifically looking at how companies like Apple are able to quickly innovate and iterate despite their size, due to the way in which they embrace agility both at a cultural and technical level.

Marcus uses examples from his time at Comic Relief, Apple and M&S to highlight how agility can be a powerful way for organisations to prepare for the future and react to changing market conditions.

Dark Technology

This presentation explores developments in technology around policing, surveillance and military applications, exploring how the use of robotics and AI could significantly change the social landscape, potentially making communities safer, but creating ethical issues.

"Marcus was absolutely amazing in all parameters! We received very positive feedbacks for his keynote. He was very kind, pleasant, interesting and we loved having him as our keynote speaker." Annual GO eCommerce Summit



UK :£2.5k to £7k

Europe :£7k to £15k

US :£7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East :£7k to £15k

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