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Christer Holloman

Chairman of First Tuesday, digital business change consultant, bestselling technology author and journalist


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What makes Christer unique as a speaker is that he not only writes and talks about technology trends, but also regularly consults for major businesses and start-ups on how to take advantage and monetise these opportunities. This means he will not be providing theories, but instead tried and tested hands-on advice that will inspire and empower your delegates to take action.

Prior to setting up his own tech start-up ( and raising £1m in the process, Chris launched Expedia founder Rich Barton’s £100m start-up in Europe. Christer was previously Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times, responsible for award-winning apps and delivering new digital revenue streams.

As author of the Amazon bestseller The Social Media MBA series, published by the world’s largest academic book publisher, Wiley, in multiple languages, and chairman of First Tuesday, the UK’s largest network for high growth technology companies and their investors, Chris is frequently invited to write for The Guardian about how organisations can make the most of opportunities presented by new technologies.

Whether he is delivering a keynote, or acting as a moderator or panellist, his message is always tailored to the client, the audience and the desired overall outcome of the event. In presentations Christer will showcase the best business use of new technologies by taking the audience on a journey via outposts such as Silicon Valley start-ups, tech buzzwords, emerging customer and workforce trends and more. All his talks are peppered with case studies and real life examples to bring the topic to life and illustrate the ROI for businesses, with clear calls to action throughout the presentation: “This is how you can leverage this insight!”

Christer is regularly hired by event organisers to excite attendees with new ideas they can apply to their own business or department. Recent clients include brands such as Oracle, Accenture, and Ogilvy; because he makes the rapid advances in technology comprehensible and relevant to a wider audience, delegates leave the room feeling great about the future!

Christer Holloman holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, is a member of the National Union of Journalists, and is certified as a Competent Communicator by Toastmaster International.

The Key Technology Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Business

- How to adapt today to remain relevant tomorrow


In a world where everything and everyone is connected, and data is analysed in real time, businesses have extraordinary powers to develop more relevant and habit forming products and services then ever before. In this talk Holloman explores the hottest technology trends and will explain key concepts such as Blockchain, Machine Learning and Atomization. To bring it to life, he will share case studies showing how the most successful companies are using these technologies to outsmart their competitors. The audience will leave feeling a sense of urgency to take action and will be equipped with new ideas to start thinking about how their own business can leverage these opportunities.

How To Innovate Within An Organisation

- Releasing the power of intrapreneurship


The ‘Trap of Success’ suggests that a company will keep doing what once made it successful rather then taking a bet on something new. At the same time new disruptive technologies put old businesses out of business every year, so in this talk Holloman will explore the traits that make some businesses better then others at innovating. Using case studies about successes and failures from well-known brands, Holloman will outline a plan to make your business and your team more innovative. Holloman will teach the audience about tools such as Ideation, Hothousing and MVPs, which will work within the system or change a company from the ground up.

The Future Of Online Retailing

- How to supercharge your online sales


More than 15 per cent of all retail sales in the UK are now made over the Internet and this is predicted to more than double by 2020. The world of retail is ruthless; it is a question of ‘up or out’ if you want to sustain profitability and outsmart your competitors. In this talk Holloman will share the best-kept secrets from the most successful online retailers featured in his newest book, published by Pearson, which will be marketed and distributed globally starting September 2016. He will be covering areas such as omni-channel innovations, cutting edge user experiences, and the latest trends within payments and shipping. The audience will leave with new ideas and inspiration to supercharge their own online retail strategy and execution.

The End Of The Digital Beginning
– Key Technology Trends And Why They Matter To Your Business

Masterclass: The Social Media MBA
- The Most Innovative Business Use of Social Media in 2015

It's a fact that companies so far have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with social media. Whatever continent, industry, company size, current degree of social media adoption or your job title, the purpose of this session is to inspire you to see how you can raise the bar further to reap new rewards.

Previously requested themes:- The Top 10 Technology Trends Affecting Your Business
- How To Future Proof Your Industry
- The Ultimate Tech Buzz Word Jargon Buster / Tech Buzz Words 101
- The Future of The App Economy
- Disruptive Technologies
- Why MoLoSo (Mobile, Local and Social) Isn't Good Enough
- Big Data Is About Little Data
- Collaborative Capitalism
- FinTech Opportunities
- Reinvented Retail
- Living In The Stream
- Education At Scale
- New Discoveries Within Healthcare Technology
- Hottest Tech Start-Ups
- Impact Of Changing Attitudes To Data Privacy
- Intrapreneurship; Hothousing, Rapid Prototyping and Minimum Viable Products
- Social Media Basics (what is it, create and deliver a social strategy)
- Social Media For X department (Marketing, PR, sales, Customer Service, Product Development and HR)
- Best Practise by Social Media Channel (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)
- Calculating ROI
- The Impact of 'Social Commerce'
- Emerging Issues & Future Trends

The Social Media MBA Series

To read the Financial Times article on Christer - click here

“One of London’s Most Influential Individuals Within New Media”  The Evening Standard

Christer presents in English

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