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Ben Hammersley

Global Thought Leader on the Digital Era and Big Data


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Renowned futurist Ben Hammersley specialises in explaining the effects of AI and other exponentially developing technologies on the economy, society, and the geopolitical outlook: specifically, he can explain the threats and opportunities created by these new developments, to enable the audience to approach the future confident they will not lose, blindsided by tech, but rather prosper and win, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the 2020s.  Artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine-based decision making are taking over the business world. From financial services to retail, board-level directors to shop-floor management, failing to adapt to the new reality will mean the end of firms and the failure of careers.

Taking lessons from 20 years of experience in cutting edge technology - from being the first internet reporter for The Times, to contributing editor of WIRED, and advisor to three governments - and his personal experiences from the fields of aviation, emergency medicine, and war reporting, Ben Hammersley delivers insightful, practice-changing, and business-transforming messages to corporate and governmental clients on 5 continents, answering the question, how do we thrive in the AI revolution?

Ben was the UK Prime Minister's Ambassador to Tech City in London from 2011-2013. He was also the Robert Schuman fellow on the Global Governance programme at the European University Institute in 2013; a member of the European Commission High Level Group on Media Freedom – and a non-resident fellow of the 21st Century for Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institute in Washington D.C from 2012-2013.

He is the author of the acclaimed book, ‘64 Things You Need To Know Now For Then,’ which is a guide to the new concepts of the modern world. He is Editor at Large of WIRED Magazine and writes regularly for The Financial Times.

Previously he was Head of Digital at SIX Creative where he was responsible for creating, building and managing an international team dedicated to bringing cutting-edge internet strategy, design, and production to leading fashion and beauty brands worldwide.

Ben Hammersley’s TV series “Cybercrime, with Ben Hammersley” was broadcast worldwide in 2014 on BBC World News and on the BBC News Channel. In this groundbreaking 6 part series – shot in the US, China, Nigeria, the UK and across Europe – Ben investigated the darker side of the internet: from government surveillance and NSA whistleblowers in Washington, to scammers and spammers in Lagos; from hardware hackers in Shenzhen, to cyber-warriors in London.

Ben has spoken for festivals, universities, think tanks and corporations all over the world including regularly at 10 Downing Street (UK Prime Minister), Deutsche Telekom, European Commission, Brookings Institute, and the Royal Institution. As a digital guru and high-level advisor on these matters to governments and business, he explains complex technological and sociological topics to lay audiences.

Through compelling stories, deep analysis, and bleeding-edge examples of the modern world, Ben can help you, your business, organisation, government, or institution navigate and prosper in the future.

  • Pioneering An Adaptive Digital Strategy: How organisations and individuals can create a digital strategy with longevity: one that adapts to emergent user behaviour, new technologies, and any new developments in the business landscape. You will learn how to future-proof your plans, deal with the unknown, and optimise your marketing for the next 1000 days.
  • Living Better As A Cyborg:  How to live a better life with modern technology. As we live with (both surrounded by, and using) modern networked stuff, we find ourselves changing. We have new abilities, superpowers even, given to us by our devices, but we're also assailed by the new information overload, always-on, always-connected workstyle. Ben explores how we can best live and work with modern technologies, and how companies and the executives themselves can use the latest technology to prosper in the modern world.
  • The New Networked Society: The effects of the internet on society at large, specifically about its effects on geopolitics - touching on Occupy, Beppe Grillo in Italy, cyberwarfare, the financial markets, and the rapid dissolution of the state.
  • The extreme effects of the digital and networked world on business, society, and your life.
  • Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare
  • Five Things That Will Change The World
  • Disruption Risks
  • Innovation/Creativity
  • Future

“Ben was fantastic and excellent to work with. His subject-matter knowledge was brilliant and the client really took a shine to him.” – Edelman for ICANN.

“Ben was a great personality to work with and an excellent speaker. His speech gave a lot of new
insights and refreshing opinions. He was our highest ranked speaker of the day.” – Robeco 

“Ben was a really nice chap. Interacted with the crowd very well. He brought a very new and
refreshing perspective to Digital Mischief.” – Paddy Power 

"Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your Keynote at Google@SMG on Tuesday! The feedback has been extremely positive, your session went down a treat and left our guests motivated and inspired. It's been a pleasure working with you." – Google

"We were delighted with his speech and people's feedback was excellent. I would highly recommend Ben and would rate him 10/10." – Smarttech

"Ben was fantastic, everyone loved him. Some feedback on him in our evaluation form: Ben H was incredibly inspiring and insightful. Surprising speakers, especially Ben Hammersley, very inspiring and unexpected. In general inspiring and mind opening. I particularly loved the outside perspective of Ben Hammersley. He was great, and just being about to step out of our industry was very beneficial. Good variety of speakers, Inspiration with Ben! The humble 'characters' (Alison, John, Troy, Ben, Craig and Andrew) of these giants are really engaging and overwhelming. Ben Hammersley was stimulating curiosity about all things from our business and I can apply them." – BBDO Europe Middle East and Africa

"Thank you very much for the fantastic presentation you did yesterday! Everybody loved it!" – Saxo Bank, Copenhagen

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for Chairing Warc's Online Research event last week. Feedback has been very positive and over all the event was really well received. Thanks again for your great questions and for keeping the whole day on track. It was great to meet you" – WARC, London 

"Ben was great! Overall he was a colourful addition to the panel. He sparked a bit of controversy and debate, which was incredible. He was an interesting contrast to the usual types (CTOs) that we have sit on these sorts of panels."

Ben presents in English


UK :up to £7k

Europe :£7k to £15k

US :£7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East :£7k to £15k

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