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Adjiedj Bakas

Trend Watcher


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Adjiedj was elected 'Trendwatcher of the Year' in 2009 and 'Most Influential Trendwatcher 2010' by the Dutch Marketers' Association. He has sold more than 500,000 books worldwide and was one of the first commentators to predict the recent economic crises - and the path to recovery.

How to capitalize on the opportunities of the current world economic crisis;

How companies can make the best use of 'economic warfare' in difficult financial situations;

Leadership for tomorrow;

The transfer to the new energy economy;

Demographics and their consequences for business

"An original and innovative thinker". Dutch Prime Minister - Mark Rutte

The Future of Faith;

Beyond the Crisis;

World Megatrends

English and Dutch


UK : £7k to £15k

Europe : £7k to £15k

US : £15k to £30k

Asia/Middle East : £15k to £30k

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The Netherlands
Adjiedj Bakas is an inspiring, visionary and entertaining speaker. His main interest throughout his working life has been identifying economic, technological, demographic, environmental, spiritual and security trends. His ability to share his knowledge in an entertaining way makes him a much sought-after speaker at conferences and events. Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, describes him as "an original and innovative thinker".

According to the press he is 'engaging' (BBC), 'inspiring' (The Guardian), 'very knowledgeable and with star appeal' (China Daily) 'provocative' (TV2 Magazine, Denmark) and 'a true citizen of the world' (Times of India).

He has sold more than 500,000 books worldwide. His successful English language titles from his trend series include: Beyond the Crisis in 2009 (about the future of capitalism) and number one bestseller, World Megatrends in 2009 (about the future of humanity) and Living without Oil in 2009 (co-authored with fellow trendwatcher Rob Creemers). His most recent book, The Future of Faith in 2010, explores how economic, political and environmental changes will reshape the ethics, morality, religion and spirituality that underpin our lives. He is currently working on the book The Future of Health.

He delivers around 200 lectures each year for companies, governments and universities including CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) in Shanghai and Emory University, Atlanta (US), and can tailor his lectures for small audiences and larger audiences of up to 1,000 people. In The Netherlands he hosts his own TV show, Studio Innovation & Co-creation. He graduated in Communication at Utrecht University in The Netherlands in 1987. After working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the Dutch National TV, NOS, he established his own trend forecasting consultancy.

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