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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book with you?
There are several reasons to use to work with us, here are a few:
1. We are constantly researching speakers and monitoring future trends so that we can provide you with up to date, creative and innovative ideas giving you an edge on your competition.
2. We can provide a replacement at very short notice.
3. The speakers are vetted – we know who is good and who is not, we know what they do best and how to get the best out of them
4. It is easier to negotiate fees through a bureau as we know the market and what your speaker should be charging
5. We support you at each stage of the process, selecting, briefing and logistics
What is the process for booking a speaker?
Let us know as much as you can about the event you are planning; objectives, audience, budget, theme and the type of the speaker they are looking for. We will then suggest speakers that are appropriate and within budget.  Once you have chosen your short-list we would then check that the speaker is available and interested in participating in your event. At this point you would decide which speaker you would like to book and we will send you a Firm Offer Form to complete which once accepted by the Speaker becomes a binding contract.
How do you charge for your services? 
Our services are included in your speaker fee, we take a commission from that.
What else do I have to pay for apart from the speaker’s fee? 
VAT (if applicable). Return travel from the speaker’s home or office to your event venue; first class for long haul travel or train travel, business class for short haul, mileage or a chauffeur-driven car. Accommodation where required. Speakers would also expect a client to pick up meals as appropriate to their stay. If a Visa is required for your conference the costs associated with obtaining this will also be chargeable to you.
What does the speaker fee include? 
The fee covers the speech and Q&A. If you would like a speaker to attend a lunch or dinner around the speech some will do so at no additional cost whilst others will charge, we can advise you on this. If you would like your speaker to speak, participate on a panel, talk to press, mingle etc, please advise us at the time of making your initial enquiry so that fees can be quoted to you with all aspects of your requirement included.
What happens if our booked speaker falls ill or has an accident? 
In the unlikely event of a speaker being unable to attend, for whatever reason, we will, where possible offer you an alternative speaker. If that speaker is not acceptable we will refund you payments in full. This is a rare occurrence but it can happen and if you are marketing your event based on the speaker’s attendance we strongly recommend that you take out insurance.
Can we record the speech? 
You must request permission in advance to record part of or all of a speaker’s speech (via the bureau). Most speakers will allow a recording if it is for internal use provided they receive a copy for no additional charge, a few charge for this. If you wish to make a recording for commercial reasons this can be arranged but the speaker will require a further payment. Some speakers will not allow a recording as their material has a copyright and for these speakers cameras must be turned off.
How do I brief my speaker? 
At the time of booking you will be introduced to one of the logistics team; Ali Coleman or Emma Dunderdale, who will assist you with setting up a briefing call at a mutually convenient time and will organise a conference facility. We will make introductions on the call for you and note any actions arising. Occasionally clients and speakers prefer a face to face and where logistically possible these will be arranged.
Do you give us any help after we have booked our speaker with you? 

Our logistics team will provide you with all the materials you will need for your publicity; photos, updated speaker profile, the speaker’s technical requirements. She will also provide you with an introduction for you to use at the event that has been approved by the speaker, to make life easier for you. We will participate at the briefing to take notes for you and the speaker so that you have the same understanding of what has been agreed. In addition your logistic’s contact will liaise with the speaker to finalise travel, accommodation etc, and where required obtain discounts for you on books. A few days before the event you will be provided with a Travel Summary, with all of the speaker’s logistics summarised and with emergency contact numbers. 

If I book more than one speaker can I get a discount? 
If you book a speaker more than once, repeating the same content, most speakers would offer a discounted fee. If you are booking more than one speaker for your event a discount is harder to obtain as a speaker will not discount his or her fee because you are also booking someone else. We will of course endeavour to get the best rate for you and your speaker at all times.
Can I book Speakers that are not listed on your website through you? 
Yes we can book most speakers for you even if they are exclusively listed with other bureaus as we co-broker (split our commissions) so that the end cost remains the same. There are a small number of speakers who do not co-broker through bureaus and we would advise you who to contact on these few occasions where we cannot help you ourselves.
Can you provide speakers for free for charitable events? 
Unfortunately we cannot offer speakers for free but we are happy to forward your requests to those speakers and if they are interested they would then come back to you directly with their response.
What are your terms and conditions? 
Please email Audrey on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will send you our Terms and Conditions.
If you have a question that has not been covered above please contact us