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Anatole Kaletsky

Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of Gavekal


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Anatole Kaletsky is Chief Economist and Co-Chairman of GaveKal, a Hong Kong-based financial group, which provides economic analysis and investment services to 800 global investment institutions. GaveKal also owns Dragonomics, one of China's leading independent research firms, manages $1.5bn of Asian and US assets in a joint venture with Marshall Wace, a London hedge fund group, and has a controlling interest in Macrobond, an economic database service based in Stockholm.

Previously he worked for 35 years for the London Times, the Financial Times and The Economist. A former columnist at the Times of London, the International New York Times, the Financial Times and Reuters, Anatole has also been well-known for his media commentating about the global economy.  

Anatole began his career as a journalist in 1976 with The Economist, before joining the FT as an editorial writer, then Washington Correspondent, International Economics Editor, New York Bureau Chief and Moscow Bureau Chief. After the FT, he worked for the London Times first as Economics Editor and later as Editor at Large and chief commentator on economic and global affairs. His journalism has been recognised by the British Press Awards and BBC Awards for Newspaper Commentator of the Year, European Journalist of the Year and Specialist Writer of the Year.

In 2012, Anatole also became Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a foundation established after the 2008 financial crisis with $200m of grants from George Soros, Paul Volcker, William Janeway, Jim Balsillie and other leading financiers. INET was created to support policy-oriented research and teaching in academic economics that challenges the assumptions of self-stabilising and "efficient" markets that dominated and distorted economic research and policymaking in the years leading up to the crisis.

Anatole's book, "Capitalism 4.0" about the new model of capitalism which needs to be constructed after the crisis, was nominated for the BBC's Samuel Johnson Prize, and has been translated into Chinese, German, Korean and Portuguese. His 1985 book, "The Costs of Default," provided the first proper cost-benefit analysis of a modern sovereign debt default and influenced the strategies of Latin American countries in their negotiations over Brady Bonds. 

Educated at King's College, Cambridge, Anatole gained a first-class degree in Mathematics and at Harvard University, where he was a Kennedy Scholar and received an MA in Economics. He is also an honorary Doctor of Science at the University of Buckingham.

  • The World Economy and Markets (examining the forces now driving markets and where the main risks ahead lie in Europe, Britain, the US or China)
  • Global Politics
  • Financial Services / Banking
  • Economic Overview
  • Emerging Markets (BRIC)
  • The Political Landscape

Capitalism 4.0



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Europe :£15k to £30k

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