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Roy Sheppard

Specialist Conference Moderator, Speaker and Author of Meet, Greet & Prosper


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Roy is renowned within the conference industry for being a world-class MC, facilitator, keynote speaker, workshop and seminar speaker.  He is a former BBC reporter and presenter on live, often unscripted, network shows as well as regional news programmes in London, Bristol and Cardiff. He is also the author of eight business and personal relationship books and a former visiting lecturer at Cranfield, Henley and Bath Universities.

ICCA (the International Congress and Conventions Association) have hired Roy for their annual conferences in Leipzig, Shanghai, Turkey, and within 45 minutes of finishing their annual congress in Buenos Aires he was booked for November 2016 in Sarawak, Borneo.

When booked for EANM (the European Association of Nuclear Medicine) in Hamburg October 15 for 5,000 delegates, before it ended he was re-booked for Barcelona ‘16, Vienna ‘17 and another city as yet to be decided for 2018.

As a moderator and facilitator, Roy works on many other high-profile conferences for some of the world's largest and most respected organisations. He has been asked back time and again to moderate 'private' conferences for the Olympic movement held in Lausanne, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro. He has moderated conferences for the world's largest trade association - the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) in Rome, Dubai, Cape Town, Istanbul, New York and their flagship event RECON in Las Vegas (attended by 53,000 delegates).

As a speaker. he is the acknowledged European expert on building profitable business relationships through networking and referrals. He has spoken at conferences all over the world. 

To read Roy's article about his career as a speaker and facilitator click here

For an overview of the full package Roy can offer you - Click here

Meet Greet and Prosper

Roy's conference keynote is "Meet Greet and Prosper" - how to build more profitable business relationships through networking. This talk is guaranteed to create a high-energy 'buzz' at the start of your conference, convention or congress. And a perfect orientation session for first-time attendees.

Reputation Management
"Anyone who leaves their reputation to chance, is committing a crime against their business and their career." Roy Sheppard
How do your personal actions impact your company's reputation in today's business climate? In the world of the internet and social media do I have any control over my company's reputation? What can I do once my reputation has been damaged? How do I build a strong reputation? A thought-provoking and inspiring session.

Also available as an in-house reputation building masterclass for customer/client facing colleagues.

How to Be Strong!

Constant change, uncertainty, job insecurity, too much to do, not enough resource, stress and burn out; that pretty much sums up what its like for most employees these days. None of this will go away anytime soon – so what can be done about it? Conventional wisdom focuses on minimising stress. That’s not the answer.

Instead – what if you wanted to bring it on?!

Learning how to develop lasting inner-strength and resilience to thrive in today’s hyper-stressed world are skills that can be learned. It starts with managing your personal energy. How is your energy level right now? What about your colleagues – are too many of them tired, fatigued, over-stressed and even at risk of burn-out? Think of each person in your organisation as a small cell. When each of those cells is energised, the organisation is energised. But when those individual cells are de-energised, so is the organisation. It can be fixed. But it has to start at the individual ‘cell’ level.  Roy Sheppard can energise and inspire your colleagues and organisation.

Communication/People Skills

When it comes to communication and ‘getting on’ with others, everyone does the best they can. However, in so many cases ineffective communication damages personal and professional relationships. This course provides practical, real-world examples of how to instantly improve your ability to understand your own communication style and the different styles used by others.

The first section romps rapidly through some known and many lesser-known examples of communication catastrophies with practical ways to recognise and repair communication difficulties.

How to Present with Impact

“Roy has helped us to develop the speaking, presentation and moderation skills of many of our staff and customers, across a wide range of abilities and experience. His stimulating approach is always well received, giving plenty of practical pearls on how to present effectively, the importance of messaging, and dealing with the unexpected. Most importantly, Roy’s techniques to build confidence and deal with the common issue of nerves has been extremely helpful to us. Overall, we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of our presenters, as reflected in the evaluations of their own audiences.“ John Cresser-Brown, BSc. PhD., Vice President, Zimmer Institute, EMEA (20 of their surgeons once gave Roy a mean average score of 100%!)


The business world is getting louder and louder. As more and more individuals, companies and organisations turn up the volume to make themselves heard in their over-crowded, hyper-competitive sectors it’s never been so important to understand why anyone should be interested in hearing what you have to say. The session provides insights into how articulate your ‘story’ in the most appealing way in order to gain favourable attention from your different ‘audiences’. So, whether you need to promote, pitch or persuade –this session will provide you with powerful and effective tools to achieve your objectives.

How to Attract More Quality Clients Discreetly - Without Selling
A one day in-house seminar on how to harness the power of referrals. Based on Roy's book "Rapid Result Referrals"
Present with Impact

A masterclass on how to deliver presentations that are more impactful, relevant and engaging.

Emotional Core for Business
Fans of Pilates and Yoga know about the importance of Physical Core Stability. This session helps audiences to develop what Roy describes as your Emotional Core Stability; self-esteem, attitude, happiness and kindness. Life-changing and uplifting.

How to Be Upbeat in a Downbeat World
Surrounded by people and situations that drag us 'down' - how to maintain a genuine upbeat approach to life - when it might, at times feel that everything and everyone is conspiring to drag us down! Practical, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Talks for Breakouts and Workshops

Roy’s talks are all loosely based around relationships and communicating more effectively. If you have a specific need, please ask him if he can address the topic as part of a breakout group. These topics have universal relevance and appeal to most audiences;  Improve your Personal and Professional ReputationCommunication/People SkillsHow to Present with ImpactHow to Get ATTENTIONHow to be Upbeat in a Downbeat WorldWord-of-Mouth/Referrals Marketing for SMEs.How to be Strong! Even if the topic is not part of his core repertoire, with a briefing he can often lead an interactive ‘moderated’ session on your proposed topic. Indeed, these type of moderated workshops often score particularly highly with delegates.



"Roy brings a fantastic energy with him and has the ability to engage all of the audience and encapsulate their thoughts in a humourous manner eg "they are all thinking it but are afraid to say". From a personal perspective, Roy has enhanced my networking skills immensely particularly with regard to networking which I can now do with confidence. I would recommend Roy for any conference event which is to do with achieving better business results." Marsh Ltd

"On attending Roy's seminar on referral generation:- thought-provoking and provocative, eloquent and entertaining, interlaced with audio and video examples supporting a fountain of ideas. Excellent return on time invested."Academy Partners LLP

"Roy is an inspiration in the field of word-of-mouth marketing. I have learnt so much from him. Each time I meet him or hear him speak I come away with great ideas and real value. I recommend you take every opportunity to get to see him." Sobell Rhodes

"Roy is the ultimate professional - seeing him operate is like watching people's minds light up! A great speaker!" The Psychology Company

"I was lucky to meet Roy twice when we at EMA Partners International hired him to present his word-of mouth marketing concepts and moderate panel discussions at our global Partner meetings. In both occasions Roy did exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations; his presentations were very vivid and catching, he managed to take the audience (and headhunters are not an easy audience at all!) and keep it throughout the session. I personally learned a lot from him and his books. If there's a chance to use his services in the future, I would certainly take it." EMA Partners Russia

"Roy is brilliant at building relationships and explaining key concepts in a simple and pragmatic way which is highly effective. He is a lively trainer who fully engages his audience throughout his sessions." KPMG Europe LLP

"Roy's presentation to my team was exceptional and hugely thought provoking. I would have no hesitation in recommending him." Lloyds Development Capital

"I first met Roy about eight years ago at one of his talks on networking "Meet Greet & Prosper" which was not only the best talk on networking that I've attended, before or since, but which increased my earnings and best of all connected me with a great speaker, presenter and conference moderator. I can't recommend Roy enough" Assimilating-Talent

"Roy presented at one of our client 'facilities club' meetings and was outstanding. He provided an interactive presentation on Networking and his high energy, enthusiastic approach was delivered in his own style - without being either over-the-top or patronising. The content was not only fun and interesting, but has also been easy to adopt in everyday business life. So often one hears this type of presentation and, whilst captivating at the time, is forgotten the week after. Roy delivers a great presentation that is really useful for anyone in business." BBI

"Your session on the evening of our workshop has caused quite a buzz amongst our team, and although I know you felt you had to fit a lot into a short time, the effect has been most dramatic. Everyone couldn't stop talking about the session and how right you were with your simple but impactful ideas and initiatives. In our business where it's so easy to focus on the delivery your powerful reminder of keeping ourselves externally focused and our networks going and growing was very timely. For people who might not be confident enough to network, or for those who just don't make the time, your session is perfect - and if it can be well received by a team of senior management consultants then it can work anywhere! As you know I've personally been impressed and improved by one of your sessions and now that I've seen the impact it is having on my business, I shall continue to recommend you highly to any conference organiser. You wear a funny coat, deliver a highly entertaining session of seriously important stuff - what a great combination!" Tribal GWT

"Just a short note to say how very pleased I was with your delivery at our event on 8th January, there has been consistent comment from my team that they really enjoyed the 2 sessions, and felt that you had taken the trouble to research our company and address some of the perceived challenges. I am already seeing some improvements in my team based on the topics you shared. Once again very many thanks for your valuable input and great training. I look forward to working with again in the future." Surrey Plus Ltd, Telecom Plus Conference.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for once again presenting to Members of the Chamber about the complex subject of networking. We have had some excellent feedback from guests who attended, and as such at a recent event it was interesting to see how people embraced what you had said to them. I had heard a few creative introductions (i.e. venture capitalist story), which actually made for a great icebreaker. Once again Roy, you gave such valuable and logical information and impressed us all with your enthusiasm and passion, which hopefully will have rubbed off on others. On behalf of the Chamber I'd like to thank you for taking the time to come to Northamptonshire and I do hope that we will be able to work together again soon." Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce
SOCPO have used Roy on at least 2 occasions with enthusiastic response both times. His subject matter represents vital elements of organisational and personal success and remains highly relevant in our fast changing world." Public Sector People Managers Association (PPMA)

"Thank you so much for giving us such an excellent session at our branch network training session on Friday. Feedback from the event has been very positive - people really loved it! A lot of ideas were generated and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the delegates "in action" at our events over the coming months.... Thanks again for all your input to make it such a successful day." Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

"A highly recommendable, captivating speaker who drives home the importance of meet and greet techniques. Succinct, and relevant to any customer focused organisation. As anticipated we have received a flurry of positive comments regarding the event. We had 146 guest attend the dinner, based on the feedback forms; 99% said they would recommend a similar event to their colleagues, 96% of the guests thought your presentation in particular was 'good' or above, with 58% of those ratings marked as excellent, so well done. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends and colleagues in the future, and thank you once again, for a thoroughly enjoyable speech." Business Link Wessex

"Within hours, I have already started to put into practice some of what I learned yesterday. Thank you for an illuminating and amusing expose of the common sense of networking and referrals. A 'goldmine of pearls'. Please feel free to quote me." Corpra Chartered Management Consultancy

“I attended Roy’s session about Reputation Management during the ICCA Congress in Leipzig. Roy’s presentation was fantastic, very hands-on, very engaging and interactive. Not only were the topics so well presented that a listener can immediately implement new ideas for himself, but the content was so well transmitted that the audiences was kept on their toes all the time. I would be looking forward to attending more sessions held by Roy, I can only recommend him as a speaker!” Vienna Convention Bureau

“I would urge you to book Roy as a facilitator or a guest speaker or simply to motivate your staff! His energy for his topics is superb, he is so enthusiastic it is infectious and I have always left his presentations feeling motivated and ready to implement new ideas or strategies! Always professional, always on time, always within the event brief and always exceeding expectations!” Institute and Faculty of Actuaries UK. 

Meet, Greet & Prosper

How to be the One

Rapid Result Referrals

Dear Son

Dear Daughter

Our Personal Survival Guide to the 21st Century

Venus the Dark Side

That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent



UK : £2.5k to £7k

Europe : £7k to £15k

US : £7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East : £7k to £15k

Travels From


His early career began in television and radio. Working both regionally and nationally for the BBC, he presented music and interview-based programmes, including the Sony Award winning "In the News" on BBC Radio 4.

Whilst Roy was also involved in production and script writing, his main area of expertise was in live television and he regularly worked alongside other notable presenters including Jeremy Paxman, Eamonn Holmes, Ann Robinson and the late Jill Dando. From 1985-91, he was an anchorman of the early evening news for the BBC in London where he consistently proved his ability to perform under pressure. In 1994 he trained as a therapist.

His books include "Meet Greet and Prosper", "Rapid Result Referrals" and "Your Personal Survival Guide to the 21st Century." In 2008 he co-wrote (with Mary T Cleary) and published "Venus: The Dark Side". The same book is called "That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with malicious Intent"

In October 2010 he published "How to be The One" which became the subject of a two page spread in YOU, the UK's top circulation women's magazine (part of The Mail on Sunday) and was a lead story's Lifestyle website.

July 2013 saw the simultaneous publication of Dear Son: what I wish I'd known at your age and Dear Daughter: what I wish I'd known at your age. These are gift books from parents and grandparents to every 15 to 25 year old. Described by The Mature Times as "The best gift you can give a teenager"{/tabs}

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