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Alan O'Neill

Change Consultant


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Alan O'Neill MBA is an international business consultant and non-exec board director working with blue-chip organisations across the spectrum of industry in Financial Services, FMCG, Hospitality, Industrial, IT, Motor, Retail, Telcos, Tourism, Travel and others. With 30+ years of front line board level experience – he has lots of no-nonsense expertise with lots to say.

Facilitating multi-million euro businesses to achieve amazing results he knows what it takes to drive change right through a business – from top to bottom... and front to back. Up to 2004, Selfridges for example was a sleeping giant - but in the last few years has achieved two significant accolades... it's officially the best department store in the world... and is one of the most profitable department store in the world (per m²). After 20 years - Alan continues to work with Selfridges Group. His retail experience ranges from food to fashion... luxury to mass... big box to multiple site... and down-town to travel retail... in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. He has identified key characteristics of best in the world retailers, such as... total focus on customer... move at pace... are sophisticated yet practical... use science, senses and theatre to romance, entertain and sell... and they excel at driving footfall, conversion and average spend. All made even more possible with a strong business model and a high-performance culture.

Value-added selling...

Premium brands are keen to make their mark again and get better prices and margins against lower priced competitor brands. Alan’s presentation gives refreshed concepts, motivation and confidence to sell added-value.

Business Insights and the Changing Role of the CFO...

The world is changing at a rapid rate and within that, so too is the role of the CFO. No longer the classic 'bean-counter' but the CFO of the future will be a mature leader, adding real value across the business with great Business Insights.

With all of this BI comes a level of responsibility to work collaboratively with all functions and lead change with a level of empathy that is appropriate to the needs of the organisation.

This requires a better understanding of the whole organisation 'system', including knowing more about HR, Marketing, Operations and so on. Leading change with a new vision, strategy and culture is a serious but necessary ingredient for success in this world of change.

My presentation focuses on BI across all elements of the business and challenges the CFO to think and act differently in a new world.

Change Management

High Performance

Customer Service

Retail Thinking and Strategies

"Alan is very commercial and gave practical, sound advice that truly inspired and motivated our people" Financial Services, UK

"With no fluff, Alan made efforts to get to know us. That's what made our partnership work."Software Localisation, EMEA

"We've invited Alan to speak on several occasions. If I had to do them all over again – I'd call Alan." fmcg, UK

"We greatly admire the Selfridges brand and wanted to hear the success story firsthand."Retail - Russia

Alan presents in English


UK : up to £7k

Europe : up to £7k

US : £7k to £15k

Asia/Middle East : £7k to £15k

Travels From


But it's not just about retail. His experience in B2B includes international giants like Chevron, Disney, Kizad, Lavazza, Nissan, Pepsi, Symantec, Xerox, etc., where he has brought discipline, rigour and common sense to change projects.

He is a trusted mentor to many chief executives and board directors who seek his advice on a range of issues. Alan has a reputation for making the complex simple...for being down-to-earth and practical... with a commercial focus that brings everything back to the customer. He's the strong voice of the customer! So whether the issues are about vision, strategy or structure... or high performance culture... leadership... or customer service – Alan has stories, models and real-life case studies that will adapt.

Alan is convinced that organisations get consistency when they focus on culture. He also believes organisations far too often complicate things and that causes us to take our eyes off the ball – or the customer more especially. Yes it's a complex changing world and we need to understand those dynamics, but let's not forget the basics!

Alan is currently working on his book Super Service Made Simple with others also in the pipeline. It is this unrivalled business acumen that has seen Alan facilitate and speak at conferences in several countries and conduct master-classes with C-level executives. He asks hard and uncomfortable questions, e.g. How do you change an old culture and get it ready for emerging global challenges? How do you overcome cynicism and resistance to change? How do you overcome complacency, procrastination and accountability? How do you develop a customer service culture? How do you retain the best talent in a high-performance challenging culture?

With every engagement, Alan takes time to understand the brief, the challenges, the expected messaging... and builds empathy before meeting his audience. Energetic, passionate and engaging... he will leave your audience with thoughts and challenges - that are guaranteed to provoke, inspire and give hope.  He is also a competent conference chair – helping to get the structure, style and content matched to the expected outcome.

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