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Amlan Roy

Big picture global macro and demographics thought leader with extensive global financial client engagements


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Peter Drucker said:

“Demographics is the single most important factor that nobody pays attention to, and when they do pay attention, they miss the point.”  

Amlan Roy pays attention and ensures that audiences get the point.

Dr. Amlan Roy is a Strategic & Pioneering Researcher in Global Demographics & Pensions

Through his research Amlan has predicted economic and social events such as Greece's Bankruptcy (in 2005 he told the European Commission it was inevitable) and The Arab Spring. Amlan doesn’t pull his punches and is not afraid to tackle controversial areas, all backed up with proven data from the latest and most reliable sources. During his time as Head of Global Demographics Research at Credit Suisse he drew up the Demographic Manifesto, which has been cited by over 45 governments that have gone on to change their minimum retirement age. Amlan is unique as he straddles both economics and finance and can draw upon privileged previously inaccessible data.

He is a Senior Research Associate of London School of Economics' Financial Markets Group and guest professor for London Business School's Finance department. He is also on the S&P Index Advisory Committee - his academic training is differentiated as it spans Economics and Finance and he has taught Investments, Derivatives, Asset Pricing, Econometrics, Dynamic Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy in universities.


Demographic changes.

Structural reform changes.

Monetary policy and central bank independence.

Role of China, Mexico, Japan, EU in a Trump led US world.





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From 1998-2016 he was with Credit Suisse developing their client franchise in Global Demographics and Pensions and most recently as MD and Head of Global Demographics Research. In a previous role as global EM strategist, he developed multi-country risk & allocation models used by clients, central banks, govt. treasuries. He also served as an expert on Financial Architecture/Crises Modelling at the Bank of England, IMF and UK Treasury.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse in 1998, Amlan spent over ten years in academia at Boston University School of Management, University of Iowa Business School and the University of London (QMW College and LSE). He had a distinguished university teaching career winning 4 teaching awards in 6 years at US business schools.

He was named a UK ESRC Research Fellow, Ponders Fellow, a Boston University Doctoral Scholar, a Government of India National Scholar. Amlan has a M.A. and Ph.D. in Financial Economics (University of Iowa), an M.B.A. (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) and a B.A. (Honours) in Economics with Maths (St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi).

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